Otaku Gambit reviews Mortal Kombat

Otaku Gambit writes: Flying femurs, severed spleens, and hurled hearts. To the average bloke, the preceeding statement says “body parts.” To a gamer, it says “Mortal Kombat.” Yes, the tournament game of ultra-violent fatalities and an impossible amount of human plasma has made its return to consoles in the newest reboot.

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Max_Dissatisfaction2750d ago

Lol whatever...your stinky opinion

ElDorado2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

6.5? Seriously the ultimate comeback of MK gets a average score? Stupid score, i won't read it. Look at the Pro's and Cons. Best MK gameplay ever <> Gameplay is clunky at times. Do you even know what you're writing? This review is stupid! MORTAL KOMBAT STRIKES AGAIN!

Lord_Sloth2750d ago

Yes. A 6.5 is still above a 5 which is the middleground of a 10. The gameplay is rather clunky at times but that didn't make the game unplayable. That said, it still counts as 1 of the game's flaws.

And yes, it is the best MK game to date.

ElDorado2750d ago

Best MK game to date gets a 6.5? Even if you are not objective, surely you can't be serious about the best MK getting a 6.5 right? It's one of the best MK games, don't know of it's the aboslute best, but it's damn good and worth a 9 for me!

Lord_Sloth2750d ago

It's a 6.5 because MK is a franchise I have always wanted to like but have never been able to until this newest title.

limewax2750d ago

Sorry I didn't realise you not liking the franchise had anything to do with a PROFESSIONAL review.

If you were to actually look at the game from a neutral position you would see its worth much more than 6.5, Its a rather good thing that you are a gaming journalist and nothing more, Any job with a position of power cannot be trusted in the hands of anybody who is influenced by their own emotions more than their job role.

My 2 cents on your bare bones over-opinionated review

Tony P2750d ago

@lime: Yeah, I agree.

Of course, reviews are opinions at the end of the day... But it's still not something just anyone can do *well*. Prime example of that right here, imo.


a review like this is probably the reason ive never heard of you.

your rant about the story was pretty on point, along with the talk about cheap bosses..but thats about it.

youre complaints on combo breakers make absolutely no sense. it makes me wonder if you even know HOW to pull it off to begin with.. it doesnt just automatically happen as soon as you block someones response to your missed attack. you have to hold block and forward in order for it to happen. if you want to save your blocks to get an xray, you just block and take the chip-damage. did you honestly think that every time you block with 2/3 of a meter, that the game automatically preforms a breaker for you??? because from what you say in the article, it sounds like thats EXACTLY what you thought.
but oh, thats not what you were trying to say? well then maybe you should put a little more thought into your "reviews". you know...actually properly explain your issues with the game, instead of assume well figure out what youre talking about.

your gripes with limited combos...i dont even want to get into. just know that youre definitely wrong about that..
and, thank GOD for the fact that you cant grab during combos. far too overpowering.

you say xrays get old? theyre not just for flash you retard.. theyre a lot like ultras in the fact that they can be very dangerous when you combo into them. let me tell ya this much guy...they definitely dont get old when part of a 57% combo.

you should probably just stop "writing" reviews.

Lord_Sloth2750d ago

I regret to inform you that nowhere in my review does it say I hated this game. I'm glad you love this game and have enjoyed your purchase. So did I, just to a lesser extent than yourself.

A reviewer gives their opinion on a game to help others make their own mind up about the game. We give information and problems we had with a title then drop a score. People seek out a like minded reviewer so that they can find a similar opinion about a game they're on the fence about.

A personal question...If you loved this game so much, far beyond the shadow of a doubt, why do you care what a single reviewer (whose review you do not seem to have read) says about it, even if he said it was good? Is there some niggling bit of doubt in the back of your mind that tells you you may not be having as much fun as you think you are or are you just trolling the new guy?

Skizelli2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I think it has more to do with the fact that you seem to have little knowledge about fighting games in general. A few things I'd like to address: 1) I can understand not being a fan of previous games, but that's probably why the story didn't impress you much. To fans of the franchise, the story is one of the main draws, so your assumption about people not getting it for the story would be incorrect. 2) Breakers are done by holding Forward and pressing Block, not Block alone -- and they do NO damage. (Did you even play the tutorial?) 3) This game is designed around custom combos. You can even cancel a chain combo into most special moves, creating many possibilities. Perhaps you shouldn't comment about this stuff if you "don't go digging for it." 4) This is the first MK to be taken seriously (gameplay-wise). It's much deeper than your review makes it out to be. If the game was only "good", it wouldn't be at EVO this year.

ElVeneno2750d ago

the writer contradicts himself all throughout that "review" this is exactly why video game "journalism" means sh!t to me right now. i only base reviews solely on my opinion now. i own the game and i love it to death so thats all that matters to me. no more hits for that website from me.

ElDorado2750d ago

It's hard to avoid reviews man, but I agree with you. Reviews are basically opnions of 'other people'. Reviews used to be reliable. It had impact on your discission whether you buy a game or not.

ElVeneno2750d ago

yea i totally agree, there was a time where i picked up a magazine and read reviews to decide wether to buy a game or not. sadly those times are long gone. the problem i think is fanboism and being biased. i'm a gamer so i enjoy games. i'm not stuck on one game, i enjoy several genres. from rpgs to shooters and everything in between. and the same goes with consoles, and pcs. /rant

soundslike2750d ago

Negative reviewers aren't an issue for me, but negative reviewers passing off matters of taste as cold hard proof that something sucks is another thing. They really need to learn what exactly an "opinion" is before using language thats absolute.


I was going to explain why, but after reading more, this guy is clearly just a scrub and a fanboy to bb/gg.

Lord_Sloth2750d ago

Ahh, the battle cry of a true fanboy. When some1 doesn't like their favorite game, they're automatically bad at it/a scrub.

On another note, where did it say the game sucked?

soundslike2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I'm not calling you a scrub because you don't like MK, honestly I don't mind one bit that you don't. I didn't care for it too much after the first week, but it definitely clicked with me later.

I'm calling you a scrub for simply talking about "cheapness"

Skizelli2744d ago

The same could be said about someone not liking your review, and here you sit attacking those who are calling you on it.

antauwnehart2750d ago

completely agree with this review! I have always said this game was a 6/10 good thing some sees its flaws MK9 is a fail!

Kos-Mos2750d ago

I love people that are not afraid to be harsh in reviews; expecting the most of a game, but this is a mere opinion by a man that don`t like Mortal Kombat. He`s not being very objective.

I like MK since I grew up with the franchise, but as a game it`s only 7/10. For me you can`t throw in brutal killings and expect me to "YEs WOw, oh my god, that`s cool" like most blind people do when they play mk, gears, gow, me, gta, halo.
Mortal Kombat IS atmosphere for me. Positively surprised by the story mode until everyone opened their mouth. I had fun, but it`s forgotten in a couple of weeks.

Lord_Sloth2750d ago

Actually MK is a game I have always wanted to like and this is the closest I have come. I hope they continue to improve the franchise even further in the future.

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