Sony: 5 best E3 moments

CVG - We've been though our favourite bits from Microsoft's E3 history, now it's time to move to platform holder number two.

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Warprincess1162747d ago

Ridge Racer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and you can't forget the Grand Turismo translator.
Those moments were classics.

-Mezzo-2747d ago

I agree with you, those moments were great, but the Article isn't Listing the funny Moment, but the moments that did wonders for Sony and the Fans.

theonlylolking2747d ago

When he said Ridge Racer it did do wonders. Now when people think of Sony E3 they think about RIIIDDDGEE RACER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MintBerryCrunch2747d ago

KZ2 blew me away this gen when they showed it off....when they showed off MGS2, jaw dropped to the floor that day

2 of the most memorable to me imo

NatureOfLogic2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Ridge Racer!!!!

Mr Tretton2747d ago

yeah the first KZ2 in game demo made me go get a PS3, KZ2 was my most played MP this gen, I don't think anything will top it for me as far as spending time on it

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Kon2747d ago

This is what really happened that day

femshep2747d ago

i think this year sony should make fun of anon this year......but they normally talk about stocks and sales for 90% of there conference before the game announcements

Mr Tretton2747d ago

that wouldn't be very smart

femshep2747d ago

it be better than having it sit through an hour and a half about sticks and sales and a half hour of announcements.....boring as hell when they do it that way....they need to loosen up have some fun

MasterCornholio2747d ago

They should show off a tech demo where they flush one of the anon guys down the toilet. That would be funny as heck.

pepsilover_20072747d ago


GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2747d ago

it'd be great if kevin butler came in and humiliated anonymous or something

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