Naruto: Rise of the Ninja - Developer interview

The Xbox Community Network recently caught up with game producer Sebastien Puel to ask him about the game...

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YoMeViet3374d ago

no shikamaru? you bastards he's my fav "so troublesome"
anyways i really hope this doesn't flop, about time they actually put some effort into it and make a great Naruto game. and i had no idea it was coming in november.....guess thats a -$60 from my savings...

power0919993374d ago

I feel in my gut this won't turn out well, but I will more than likely rent it.

Mostly because I heard they are including the Japanese voices. Don't have to deal with BELIEVE IT, every 2 seconds.

This was a great series before it became popular. Now it will just keep going until people lose intrest.

If they just had the series end, at the epic battle between Saske, and Naruto at the water fall... where most of the others died(or so I thought). It would have been an epic series.

I stopped watching after that.

Similar to the DBZ series... if they just stopped at the battle between Gohan, and Cell... It would have been forever my favorite series.

ukilnme3374d ago

I agree, Gohan vs. Cell was my favorite part of the series too. The battles leading into the end of the Buu series was a close second.

Back on topic, I hope this game turns out well.

fe103374d ago

BELIEVE IT. That's the best, way bettern than those japanse gay voices.

YoMeViet3374d ago

I disagree, watching Naruto's voice is so annoying in English. The Japanese voice acting is Top notch. And "Believe It" is more annoying in English. Watched 220+31(shippuuden)eps and I was never annoyed with the jap voices.

gamesR4fun3374d ago

it looks like a great game almost like playing the cartoon from the previews Ive seen and the series is still lots of fun for the legions of loyal fans they've amassed .

hope the ps3 Naruto project looks has good.

fe103374d ago

All those nerds said that japanese voices are better, yeath right, they're kind of gay and ugly.

gamesR4fun3374d ago

sure your not just another racist yankee?

TheXgamerLive3374d ago

Don't assume that all Americans are racist. You do know that your so called Yankee is the freedom riders of the world?

gamesR4fun3374d ago

key word here is another has in there are more than one racist yankee in the US... Not has in all Yankees are racists heck a few of them are darn good folks not you personally but some of them are...

Daytona3374d ago

Once a moron always a moron.

gamesR4fun3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Ya cause all them japanese sound gay right? Sad to see so many racist sobs here.

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