GamePro - The 10 Best DSiWare Games

As selected by the GamePro staff, here's a comprehensive look at 10 of the best video games available on Nintendo's DSiWare service.

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FrankenLife2752d ago

Since I hate it when sites turn a top 10 list into an 11 page article with one thing on each page, I am posting the list so you don't have to do it.

10 Dark Void Zero
9 X-Scape
8 aura-aura Climber
7 Cave Story
6 Photo Dojo
5 AlphaBounce
4 Mario vs. donkey Kong: minis March Again
3 Trajectile
2 ArtStyle: Pictobits
1 Santae: Risky's Revenge

live2play2751d ago

boxlife, art academy, inchworm animation,