Top 10 Rumors That Could Come True at E3

GR - "E3 is only a few days away, and rumors are abound as to what new games and consoles will be announced. Gameranx takes a look at the hottest rumors leading up to the big event."

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StillGray2754d ago

Here's hoping they announce GTA V at the event. I'm dying for another Grand Theft Auto and RDR's just not cutting it for me anymore.

Black-Helghast2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I'd like some Zone of the Enders 3. (:

M-Easy2754d ago

The only reason this story is popular is because of the pic. SMH.

metsgaming2754d ago

well if anyone liked the old gta's and hated gta4 i suggest you try out saints row. Hopefully the next gta will return to its former glory !

JLeVRT2754d ago

Saints Row kinda sucks. Too unrealistic and child-like compared to GTA. SR is more fun, though.

theonlylolking2754d ago

GTA 4 and RDR never cut it for me. LA noire sure did for me.

showtimefolks2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

1....fable 4 maybe too early. I see peter doing a new IP or something for kinect

2....xbox720 is not happening i see MS announcing it at next year's e3 zelda NOT happenign but this current zelda being worked on will be on wii and on next Nintendo's console

4....A new halo being announced maybe not but a remake in HD of halo is gonna happen and will launch in fall 2011

5....kinect support is possible for many titles if done right and if a project is tarted with knowing there will be kinect/move support(but if something is thrown in just for name's sake than not good idea)

6....Zone of Enders 3 is not HAPPENING.(we need to buy HD remakes to show we are willing to support the IP; Hideo Kojima has come out on his blog and promised that Zone of the Enders 3 will be made – some day.

“I cannot make a promise about time. However, I can promise a sequel.”

He however admitted that the failures of Zone of the Enders 2: The Second Runner was “an error” on his part

The game, which was released in 2003 and produced by Kojima, recieved great praise and has a cult following. But he maintains the mediocre sales were down to a bad schedule.

“Everything was due to an error by me.

“At that time, if I hadn’t made a mistake with the release date, [Zone of the Enders] might have ended up a major Kojima Productions title to follow MGS, still seeing development as a series,” admits the head of Kojima Productions.

7....gears of war exile is something kinect but epic games has a 3 game deal so why would they do a brand new gears game exclusive to xbox360?(this one i want to find out more)

8....GOW4 will not be at this year's E3

9....GTA V if its gonna be announced it will be tomorrow since RS are suppose to hold a conference stay tuned(but agent and MP3 come before this so i seriously doubt it)(WATCH THE LAST EPISODE OF BONUS ROUND WHERE THEY TALK ABOUT 3RD PARTY GAMES I THINK THERE ARE CLUES) bungie title most likely won't be at E3 reason just my gut feeling

Cheeseknight282754d ago

My opinion:

10. LoZ 25th anniversary seems a lock. That would not surprising.
9. Too early for Xbox 3. Not happening.
8. Molyneux has stated he wants to make Fable a yearly release. That may happen.
7. Halo is a given, it has released almost every year since 3.
6. That Mass3 Kinect picture spotted on EA's Store is saddening but almost guaranteed to be real. *sigh*
5. There won't be a ZoE3. Kojima would've announced it.
4. Gears of War Exile is probably the Kinect Gears we keep hearing about.
3. God of War 4 is 50/50. I'm thinking yes, but not 100% sure.
2. GTA5 I'm hoping for. It'll probably be shown with Cafe.
1. Wouldn't count on Bungie title, they have said they aren't showing it.

LolololRumz2753d ago

I love the idea of a paper Zelda, big fan of the paper mario series and could be a nice spin-off

SephirothX212754d ago

I loved GTA IV and thought it was the second best in the series after San Andreas. I think we need the physics, shooting and a lot of the realism from IV mixed with the content, environment variety, comedy and crazy fun of San Andreas. If the proper balance is met, GTA V could be the best game this gen. Rockstar have the talent. They just need to make the right choices.

itani2754d ago

List fails without Shenmue 3.

knifefight2754d ago

If a Shenmue 3 announcement happens, it won't be happening at an E3.

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Valay2754d ago

I can't begin to describe how excited I am for this year's E3!

dagatech2754d ago

I hopw the announce Xbox 3 I'll be pumped!

EYEamNUMBER12754d ago

they just added that update for the 360 to have slightly larger size discs they are going to add major updates to kinect which is still new and that xbox live diamond is about to come out

i dunno where that xbox 3 rumor is coming from so i don't see it happening this year

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EazyC2754d ago

Is it too soon for Fallout 4? I would actually say yes, because of Skyrim (whoms engine will most definitely be used for Fallout 4) , but its a slight possibility. You need to remember, BETHESDA hasnt made a Fallout since Fallout 3, and they said themselves a new Fallout shall be announced 3 or 4 years after Fallout 3....

One can dream! Also, GTA V would make E3 '11 unforgettable.

CaptainSheep2754d ago

God, Fallout 4 being announced would be so freakin' amazing.. xD

halocursed2754d ago

If they do, I hope it releases in 2012 because I'll be too busy playing Skyrim during the holiday season.

Pintheshadows2754d ago

Don't hold your breath. They are kind of in the middle of something.

EazyC2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )


Lol They definitely would. Releasing 2 HUGE games from the same dev team In the same year would be a very silly move . You're right, if it is announced, its defo 2012 or after!!

Danniel12753d ago

Fallout 4 is probably in development right now anyway.Bethesda were working on Skyrim right after Oblivion so odds are the started on F4 right after number 3 came out.

EazyC2753d ago

Probably! Im expecting an announcement after Skyrims release tbh though! Its weird, although New Vegas was technically much better than 3, I found myself far more immersed in F3, and actually much preferred the whole experience. Anyone else feel like that?

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