3 Free PSN Welcome Back Movies Also Available

Sony's video store is also offering three movies to download through the PSN's "Welcome Back" package.

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gaffyh2453d ago

All kinda crappy imo, Resi is probably the best one.

lalalala2453d ago

It's definitely the best, Spirits Within is one of the most boring films ever, and HOTD2 is a B-movie.

Spitfire_Riggz2453d ago

Weird. My choices were Ghostbusters, Bad Boys and Final Fantasy spirits within

gaffyh2453d ago

Maybe this is the European options?

lalalala2453d ago

How come Sony didn't promote this?!?!!


Because most people would complain about the quality of movies chosen.

Godmars2902453d ago

Pretty sure at least two of them if not all three you can watch on Crackle for free.

gaffyh2453d ago

This one was actually approved, where as your link says on 3 approvals and was promoted by a mod or something. That seems like cheating imo.

thorstein2453d ago

Wait. Each account? I can dload for the others too?

despair2453d ago

if you had the account before the april the 20th then yes, I got 2 games from my EU account and 2 from US.

thorstein2453d ago

Oh. I thought you meant sub Accts. Thanks for clearing that up.

gaffyh2453d ago

You may be able to use sub accounts, I already had all the games, except for the Wipeout Fury pack really. So I just got that and inFAMOUS again, you can also get Burnout Paradise from PS+ this month too.

thorstein2452d ago

Thanks. I already own Infamous. Never turned it in for some reason.

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The story is too old to be commented.