L.A. Noire Review - Plasma Station

Rockstar takes a new approach in gaming and they decided to create a new experience unlike they have ever done before. Through the entire game you are a cop, you can’t choose to be good or bad. You have to be a good cop playing through the old 1940s in Los Angles. It has quiet a unique set up, you need to be patient sometimes, but this isn’t no run and gun game. Rockstar wanted to give us a new experience and it resulted in a great way. With new technology L.A. Noire is a must have game of the year. This slow-paced game does have gunfights, car chases, and fights but that isn’t the key elements on the game. It’s about solving crimes, finding clues, and interrogating people to crack the case. You are here to serve justice and rank up in the LAPD. With the new MotionScan technology you can judge the person if they are telling the truth, doubting them, or lying. It lets you exam there face and see there eyes move in a certain direction or they tense up, swallowing to hard, etc. It is quiet the technology and was executed well with this game. The actors in real life are put into the game and it makes it a very memorable experience...

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