Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford: Reviewers Who Don’t Like Duke Nukem Forever Will Be “Held Accountable”

"After more than a decade of delays, the release of the much-ballyhooed Duke Nukem Forever is only a week away. With the weight of huge expectations lying heavy on Duke’s abundantly muscled shoulders, it’s no surprise that his masters at Gearbox Software are going to any lengths — and stooping to any lows — to ensure the game’s success."

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TriangleOffense2754d ago

demo was meh, i will not be considering buying it

Warprincess1162754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I stopped reading when I saw they held the press conference at a strip club. It just disgusting. Im glad to see that people are not impressed with the demo. I hope this game fails.

Hellsvacancy2754d ago

The demo was abit "meh" i was gonna rent it anyway so i cant complain

Focker4202754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Disgusting?? People who want to play Duke Nukem aren't phased by a strip club. I think its actually pretty clever all things considered. Oh and how is a strip club disgusting anyway??

The demo for me was entertaining, nothing groundbreaking but it still had some fun moments. I'll be playing it, whether I rent it or buy it is still undecided though. People are taking this game wayy too seriously, its supposed to be funny and crude, thats what Duke Nukem has always been.

Krimson-Rage2754d ago

What's "disgusting" about a strip club? The appreciation of one sex by another has been around since the dawn of time, but fuddy duddy conservative attitudes have only been around for about 2000 years... I'll go with evolution, thanks.

kanetheking2754d ago

so to you sirip club is disgusting but serious sam butt fuck Egypt is a ok name for you.

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SilentNegotiator2754d ago

"Any journalist that decides…to lowball it is gonna be held accountable by the readers"

So when Destructoid's Jim Sterling is the only one to give this average game a 9+ (along with some writers who still think Duke is a hilarious [and TOTALLY NOT overplayed, like pastries being false] meme), the "readers" are going to be quite busy. lol

No one thinks the demo is exceptional, and the final game probably won't do anything exceptional either.

I went into this thinking that they were taking the Two Worlds 2 dev or HVS (conduit 2) route. And I'm glad that isn't the plan....but when the devs are already preparing for low scores like this, and with such's a bit of a worry where they might go.

Son_Lee2754d ago

Held accountable? How about making a worthy game first?

Raendom2754d ago

Read the article. He says "held accountable by the players".

In other words, he's thinking this'll be a God Hand scenario where it's universally panned critically but gamers actually like it.

Son_Lee2754d ago

Seems to be a lot of those types of games this gen. Mainly because critics don't know how to review games anymore.

NYC_Gamer2754d ago

this game might leave a lot of people disappointed

Tuxmask552754d ago

Held accountable for what? Having an opinion?

rdgneoz32754d ago

"Any journalist that decides…to lowball it is gonna be held accountable by the readers."

If the game deserves the low score, then yah, gave it the score. But if they give it a low score for to get hits or because they didn't review it properly (like many do these days), then their readers need to rip them a new one.

So many reviewers these days give high scores to hyped up games and ignore their faults, or give low scores to great games, rip them apart for minor things (a few reviews recently with reviewers ripping "racing" games for bad stories...) and have scores that don't match up with the actual review.

Tuxmask552754d ago

Yeah, but these scores are all relative. Some people think a score of 70 or 80 (out of 100) are bad scored, when they're really just average to above average.

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