Capcom is Practically Giving Games Away

Capcom has developed and published many great titles for more than 20 years now. Among these titles are popular fan favorites Street Fighter, Dead Rising, Lost Planet, and many more. This week, Capcom is having a sale for PC games with many titles at least 50% off their listed price.

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rmoar2750d ago

Some great titles at some great prices there. Very nice.

limewax2749d ago

Good deals yes, However I only use Steam, only joined PC gaming since it was about, and as such feel pretty comfortable sticking with it even if I miss these deals.

Guess my point is, As good a deal as it is, It surely would have sold better on Steam, as it appears many like me, Use it as their sole PC gaming platform nowadays. For anyone who joined PC gaming recently its kind of the easy pick up and play, No fixes needed (most of the time) platform

blackhrt862750d ago

Wow showing love to PC gamers. That's pretty rare nowadays.

BeastlyRig2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

not as rear as it used to be! Rage (comes with mod tools),Metro,Deus Ex,The Witcher 2 & BF3 pc is lead platform!

And we still are getting Dota2,Arma3,SWTOR,Guild Wars2,Diablo2,Red Orchestra2,StarCraft Expansion,Skyrim (comes with mod tools),StreetFighter Arcade edition etc!! not so bad!

I hope this becomes a trend!

limewax2749d ago

Skyrim come with mod tools?!? you just made my day

TheFodi2750d ago

I was actually just thinking that it's way easier to find good deals for PC games nowadays with downloads.

fluffydelusions2749d ago

It is. Preordering a game on steam is usually $44 and new PC games are $49 with the exception of COD of course.

iamgoatman2749d ago

It's definitely more convenient finding good deals through download services with the Steam sales etc, but sometimes you can pick up a bargain on Amazon or Ebay that even puts the DD services to shame. The best one I've found was Company of Heroes DX10 version for 1p.

kwicksandz2749d ago

and with the joys of importing from the UK with free shipping you can get new release PC games sometimes with steamworks intergration for $35-40

ares21al2749d ago

Wow Capcom will either beat EA this year with stuff like this or get bought out by them.

ATiElite2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

what's that your smoking cause it has your brain cells out of order.

Capcom will never be able to buy EA. here is EA's short list.

The Sims, Madden, FIFA. these 3 titles alone completely crush Capcom. Then on top of that EA publishes Bioware's biggest titles. Last but not least that little MMO coming out Star Wars something....Capcom with all it's Street Fighter sequels is doing very good but not good enough to beat or buy EA.

Electronic Arts Net Income 2010 $677 million
Capcom Net Income 2010 $23.6 million
Activision Net Income 2010 $418 million
Take two Interactive Net Income 2009 $137 million
Valve Corporation is a private company so no financial info is available but Steam alone made around a Billion dollars in 2010 as reported by NPD and other top financial reporters.

basically Capcom can't buy anybody!