Is EA’s E3 2011 Line-Up Enough To Stand Out?

E3… it’s pretty much Christmas for gamers! The only difference is unlike Christmas you don’t get to play with the new things straight away.. sometimes they even re-appear for numerous years before release! Fortunately EA have often been solid with their release schedules. We take a look at EA’s 2011 EA line-up and consider the ups, downs and what to look out for from this gaming giant.

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TomInc2747d ago

Immediately when seeing the title I thought bf3 and mw3... Mw3 has a lot more left potential reveal left than bf does.. So in terns of FPS? Coul be overshadowed!

Mattlevin2747d ago

I feel Activision has ruined the CoD games for me with their way of abusing their community and treating them like cash machines.

DeadlyFire2746d ago

They are adding a subscription service to MW 3 from what I heard as well Mattlevin.

As for TomInc. I don't see how either game is out of potential, but they both could be fun titles. I am expecting BF3 to win over more FPS fans, but I know the hardcore CoD community will still wanna sample MW 3. Its not likely to be a complete failure.

EA's line up I see only 4 games I have a great interest in buying. I might go back to EA sports titles at some point, but I don't expect them to be groundbreakingly new.
Battlefield 3
Need for Speed: The Run
Mass Effect 3
The Old Republic

yen8882747d ago

I like how EA have turned themselves round, a few years a go I wouldn't even click on anything with "EA" in the title because I knew it would just be another annual release of some sport game. But now with Dead Space, Battlefield and Mass Effect under their banner I feel like I need to start paying attention to their games.

TheLastGuardian20102747d ago

This isn't the final line up. On monday ea/insomniac collabaration will be unvieled.

Thrungus2747d ago

I would like them to announce what we can expect next year.

guitarded772747d ago

Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, Star Wars TOR, SSX Deadly Descents, a butt ton of EA sports games, a possible Insomniac multi-console title and whatever else they decide to announce... yeah, they'll stand out. They're one of the premier 3rd party publishers.

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