Old PSP games come to NGP using new tech, Resistance, Modnation shown off

TVGB: "This month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK holds a few more interesting details about what we might see on Sony’s upcoming handheld this E3 and beyond."

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Dart892747d ago

I,would love to see crisis core on the NGP if not how about transferring into a ps3 title with the that psp to ps3 port thing they gonna do.

NatureOfLogic2747d ago

Crisis core is a great game, too bad many people missed out on it because they don't have a psp.

Black-Helghast2747d ago

Crisis core all the way across the sky.

2747d ago
ABizzel12747d ago

I want to know if these NGP version will be simple updates, or if you have to buy a newer version of the game, because that's going to determine my free PSP game pick.

So far it's between ModNation & Killzone, because LBP is a heck's yeah. So if the NGP support is with the previous ModNation then I'm getting it over KZ.

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Troll-without-Bridge2747d ago

Feels good to be a psp Go owner now. Over 20 digital games waiting to be mastered on the NGP.

VampiricDragon2747d ago

yup feels good to be a psp go owner which is worthless even more now that psn is dead.

KingSlayer2747d ago

PSN Dead? Then I must've download my freebies, played KZ3 MP, the inFamous 2 and Motorstorm Apoc demos from Zombie PSN.

Baka-akaB2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

lol you made it sound as if a simple month without access was such a tragedy for the device .

I dont think the world ended because lego pirate of the carribean and and yet another version of final fantasy 4 were delayed .

The only thing bad with the go was its price

VampiricDragon2747d ago

any system that sells hundreds of units in a week is dead. Its been dead since launch.

It took the system a year+ to break a million units sold.

that is dead. Usually it takes a system less than a month to do that

KingSlayer2747d ago

Are you talking about the 360 in Japan?

1998gamer2747d ago

You mad bro? did the Psp Go kill your parents or something that you find the need to talk smack about it.

Seriously the only worthless thing is your opinion.

Baka-akaB2747d ago


You said psn is dead earlier , not the go . If its a typo then fine .

And even then , so what ? He was merely pointing out that now his digital psp games will be playable on the NGP .

Knushwood Butt2747d ago

I purchased Tactics Ogre on PSN for my PSP Go (or any other PSP, for that matter) last November, and have been playing it ever since. Literally.

So PSN being down didn't affect my enjoyment of my PSP Go one little bit.

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VampiricDragon2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

the go has been the lowest selling system in each region since launch.

The 360 is usually third worst


the truth hurts doesnt it. Theres never been a lower selling handheld in each region than the go

Kyur4ThePain2747d ago

You do realize that nobody cares but you, right?
It was pretty well known that the Go was a market test for Sony and DD. Anyone who bought it without knowing this was a little...dull.

DaTruth2747d ago

It really doesn't matter; as long as there's a PSP, any PSPGo owners are unaffected by the performance of the Go on a sales basis!

I have a PSP that fits easily in my pocket with ten games now; I could care less how many others have that too!

ceedubya92747d ago

This thing will be so great. I may get more play out of this than I will my home consoles.

Yangus2747d ago

Old PSP games come......New console?WTF?

I want new cool games!

felonycarclub2747d ago

they are making new cool games and some people havent played some of the old psp games so its a good thing and am sure the ngp would have more games than the psp did i cant wait.

maniac762747d ago

great,the one reason why i didnt buy alot of psp games were cause of the one analog and awkward controls,plus these will be upscaled.

all sony needs is a dockable version in the ngp 2 or video out

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