Top 10 VideoGame Villains of All Time

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2697d ago
riksweeney2698d ago

Oh look, Sephiroth is at number 1.


jc485732697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

when you said that, I had this imagination of Sephiroth sticking his long sword right up your lol. Ya, he can be pretty gay and scary.

KingDragunov2697d ago

Where the hell is Wesker?

WhiteLightning2697d ago

Oh look at that something Final Fantasy 7 related in a "Top....." list how surprizing ¬¬

Honestly it's like a rule now "Always include something FF7 related and always make them Number 1"

I'm sorry but it terms of difficulty and I mean the first time you played through it without any knowledge of how to use the junction system to get 9999 health or didn't know how to get the Ultimate weapons......Ultimecia in FF8 was harder then Sephiroth. But I forgot FF8 always get's overshadowed by FF7 even though FF8 did most things better then it.

brish2697d ago

Bobby Kotick is the top video game villain.

mafiahajeri2697d ago

LOL! on a serios note the Joker is not only the best video game villian but the best villian of all time...

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