Batman: Arkham City’s Catwoman fully exposed

Catwoman may have a gorgeous gameplay trailer and sexy screens but what does her appearance in Batman: Arkham City mean for her, Batman and the superhero sequel? Kapow Games runs down all the information released so far.

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SilentNegotiator2749d ago

There are no boobies to be seen.
Fully exposed.....I AM DISAPPOINT.

Rocksteady.....why the flap did you go and add her as part of the gameplay? I do NOT WANT to play as Catwoman.
I am the night! I am Vengeance! I want to be Batman!

"Catwoman’s sub-story will be approximately 10% of the entire game"
*Coughs up a hairball*

just_looken2749d ago

hey every superhero needs a sidekick to get his fling on lol.

Deanways2749d ago

Maybe it's Rocksteady laying their claim to another franchise in earnest.

b_one2749d ago

Preorder allready done in may or so, now im only hearing more good news and more and more, so what will be a bonus for preorders...