E3 2011: Xbox360 vs PS3 = Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3

@XG247: Looks like Xbox will continue to support Call of Duty and Playstation will be taking the Battlefield approach.

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MinusTheBear2723d ago

Sounds about right. The philosophies are very similar.

Joule2723d ago

hahahhah this is perfect. MS talking about the sales of a game console. When Sony is actually showing GAMES about a GAME console.


DarkCharizard_2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I hate these type of shooters. I might try Battlefield 3 on my PC but I won't touch MW3, just like I haven't touched any other CoD game.

ManiacMansion2723d ago

And the only thing Developers care about are sales.

king dong2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

what was that two paragraphs of rubbish i just read?? absolutely no substance or proof, just pure speculation.

but it's alrite, just slap 360 vs ps3 in title, and any blog is ripe for blogs4fanboys. even better if you write that cod will be supported by microsoft, both of which are hated on here.

combined with bf3 and the ps3 which coincidentalley are both loved on here, and the bloggers are on to a winner.


by the way. bf3 will be for me, cod is finished in my consoles.

-Alpha2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Sad, right? The site just states MW= Xbox and the people here eat it up and ignore the fact that this is another garbage article. Of course, if this was a jab at PlayStation, you'd see the report page filled with complaints and people claiming everybody attacks PlayStation.

This isn't even a rumor, which just goes to show how people aren't even paying attention, yet people are voting up based on the stupid analogy. Just goes to show how this site has a double standard towards what gets approved around here.

wicko2723d ago


You're confusing developers with publishers -- developers of course want their game to sell, but its ultimately the publisher that is willing to risk a developer's integrity.

king dong2723d ago

@ alpha, careful, you'll lose bubbles quicker than lightening writing truthful statements like that....have a bubble for protection

Machioto2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

@ alph the reason people associate cod with xbox is, that Microsoft announced at last year e3 that they will have content thrown there way first by activision and couple the fact everything cod related seems to have Microsoft or xbox atteched to it.

Did anyone read the article? The author is assuming that Sony will have a similar deal with battlefield like Microsoft with cod.

JellyJelly2723d ago

@wicko - Exactly. Publishers are the ones who set budgets, deadlines etc and sometimes force the devs to push out unfinished games that could have been gems with more dev time, like APB and Brink.

Kon2723d ago

Go back to the forums

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Hanif-8762723d ago

I'm with Battlefield 3 all the way :-)

lelo2play2723d ago

Most likely going for Battlefield 3... on the PC.

Wizziokid2723d ago

personally BF3 is the game for me

Thrungus2723d ago

I think i'd have to agree but I'm still waiting to see it running on a console - which is my main concern.

Wizziokid2723d ago

I'm not concerned, BC2 looked very nice on console, not the best but still great and ran well so that's the proof for me

Thrungus2723d ago

Good Call, I'd be happy with that ;)

DanSolo2723d ago

I wouldn't be concerned... sure it won't look like the PC version we have seen so don't expect it to!

But it will look alot better than BF:BC2... and I still play that game all the time.

kataloni102723d ago

NO ...... COD VS BF = XBOX VS PC ....

Thrungus2723d ago

True, but you don't see the 'Personal Computer' as a single entity at E3 :P

HS832723d ago

its only fair. if PS3 gets some exclusive stuff for BF3, lookout!! if true that'll be the version i buy.

ape0072723d ago

welcome BF and Mw to my gaming collection welcome, damn great time to be a gamer

Thrungus2723d ago

Best of both worlds! Good choice.

ape0072723d ago

yep no need to fight like 12 year olds

Slade232723d ago

same as PS3 amd Xbox 360. yep! Best of both worlds. Love it being a gamer then a fanboy who goes on the internet spreading hate.

news4geeks2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I welcome none to my collection. Both suck. No need to fight over them like 12 year olds.

ape0072723d ago

why bother commenting dude LoL

snipes1012723d ago

There had to be one person (cough *news4geeks* cough) that would try to taint one of the few friendly posts on this topic. Good job on looking like one of those 12 year olds you dislike so much.

Anyhoo...I'm with you ape. Why fight when you can just have both? People are failing to realize what a great time it is to be a gamer because they're all gearing up for the fan boy flame wars.

Gaming ftw.