Hitman: Absolution - First screenshots

We will see Hitman Absolution in a few day in the E3, but take a look at the very first in-game screens of the game.

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Wizziokid2751d ago

can't wait to play another Hitman

-Superman-2751d ago

I think this game is tighter, but more realistic than other Hitman games..
I love Hitman... So long wait... Blood Money is amazing.

MintBerryCrunch2750d ago

looks like 47 took some tips from Ezio in that 2nd screenshot

I_find_it_funny2750d ago

was this article bumped ? :)

inveni02750d ago

I really like the Hitman games. Here's hoping that this gen gives even more ways to complete an assignment.

osamaq2751d ago

I wish if the game is not easy...
hitman always known 4 its difficulty

reznik_zerosum2751d ago

difficulty ?! not really u can do shotgun-blues on any missions and finish the game in 2 hours

AAACE52751d ago

@Reznik... Some people like to go through games in an assumed mindset!

If i'm playing as a spy, I don't wanna go Rambo through the whole game! Otherwise, why buy a spy game?

BigBoss072750d ago

^ I always played them espcially Blood Money with the mindset of making the kill look like an accident. I think I literally never shot my gun unless the game absolutely required me too. Super stealthy is the best way to play the game. ;)

BLAKHOODe2750d ago

I enjoyed trying to find new ways to accomplish missions, which was a challenge, but I wouldn't go as far as saying the game was difficult. It's one of the first games I 1K'd on Xbox.

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zeeshan8102751d ago

Finished all of them!
*waiting for this game* :P

M4I0N32751d ago

is the new hitman set in the uk? Cos from those pics there seem to be british coppers

Pintheshadows2751d ago

The hat 47 is wearing would certainly suggest it.

zeeshan8102750d ago

I think he goes to UK, Canada, China (play Hitman 4 - ending), and other countries they didn't announce yet.

ATiElite2750d ago

Yep the U.K. cause they look like "Bobbies" to me!

SignifiedSix2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I cant wait either! I've been waiting for a new hit man for a very, very long time! haha.

Edit: It looks damn good too!

BeOneWithTheGun2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Agreed. I'm sure it's a mental issue I have but I really love stalking people around then killing them in unique ways. And I'm a government worker IRL. Hmm.

RedDevils2749d ago

will this available for PC? Can't wait tho

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Gawny2751d ago

waiting to see it in move

Kingdom Come2751d ago

Phenomenal, I can't wait to see improvements other than Graphics such as AI. this will be a truly fantastic experience I'm sure. Can't wait to see this beauty in motion...

NiceGuy1922751d ago

yeah it looks promising indeed. From what we've seen so far, they're not changing the formula that much. and that's a good thing

Hellsvacancy2751d ago

Neither me, ive wanted it since forever

BeOneWithTheGun2751d ago

Hell's you crack me up. The first thing I thought when I saw this article is "Where's Hells Vacancy? He's been dying for another Hitman" lol, bubs amigo.

SolidStoner2751d ago

agree, Hitman games are one of the best I played,very mature and serious!

stuntman_mike2751d ago

i hope they tighten the controls up, i felt hitman controlled like a boat at times. also hope they make the gun play better, he gets all those weapons but you never felt like a bad ass hitman when it turned into a shoot out, i expected him to be an awesome shot with a gun but it turned into a nightmare lol. maybe it was just me.

Lord_Sloth2749d ago

I've been meaning to break out my XBox to see if the controls were just bad or I just wasn't as good at games back then, which I know is true but I've gotten worlds better over the last 6 years.

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RAmar1012751d ago

Hitman was one of my fave games on 360, I loved it when you got a call for a job and the hitman said "sure I'll do it" lol as if he would say otherwise

kasser2751d ago

All what I can say is WOW

nice graphics and the lighting effects are very cinematic
I hope it releases this year!

bauer0072751d ago

confirmed for a 2012 release

BushLitter2751d ago

I don't think those shots are in-game