Top 10 PC games at E3

Take a look at anticipated Pc games set for e3

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iamnsuperman2749d ago

For me it is ARMA 3. That is a game that makes me want to buy a great gaming PC.

B-radical2749d ago

It looks excellent i would hope it plays good

ATiElite2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I really wanna see Agent and Codename: Kingdoms. Lots of hype for these two titles but we saw NOTHING.

after that I wanna see big big surprises! Then my wish list

Arma 3, Battlefield 3 PC MP, Doom 4, Half Life 2 ep3 Counter Strike 2 (yeg right maybe E3 2012) Metro New Light, STALKER 2, and Forged By Chaos!

or any DX11 game that will make my Monster PC scream like a girl.

Trunkz Jr2748d ago

Isn't ArmA2 like the only PC game can really pushes your systems limits, like the only one that can utilize all of your cores.

Pandamobile2749d ago

Why the hell is MW3 in this list.

Gran Touring2749d ago

...Dunno. You'd figure most PC gamers wouldn't care much for COD after how they handled MW2 on PC.

fluffydelusions2749d ago

You'd think but COD both MW2 and Blops is always in the top 10 (usually 5) most played games on Steam.

metsgaming2749d ago

with Battlefield 3 coming out no PC gamer in their right mind would get MW3 instead. Thats what i would think but you never know.

Chocoboh2749d ago

Battlefield 3 day 1 PC for me. The game was made around PC this time not consoles so I'm pumped for it

HK62749d ago

No mention of ARMA 3 was disappointing. It will be far far far better than MW3.

F4sterTh4nFTL2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

or Noob PC Gamer's list.

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