Crysis 2: Stunning Heavy-Weight Textures Package in Development (Comparison)

Some stunning comparison screenshots from the upcoming textures package for Crysis 2.

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MinusTheBear2754d ago

Its unacceptable that this wasn't available at launch.

Pandamobile2754d ago

What. These aren't made by Crytek.

MinusTheBear2754d ago

Wow that sucks even more then.

theonlylolking2754d ago

Crytek should of had these high res textures from the beginning though.

CrimsonEngage2754d ago

It's pretty sad that people who don't even work for Crytek do a better job at creating textures and professionals...

nilamo2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Yes because these same people are also capable of creating a multiplatform engine across three platforms GTFO. Game development is more than just creating high res textures.

TheIneffableBob2754d ago

Yes, that is true, but if one guy was able to do this in his spare time, Crytek could have easily hired a texture artist to specialize in high-res textures and released it as an optional download like how BioWare did with Dragon Age 2. Crytek has the resources.

caboose322754d ago

It's sad when a sequel has worse graphics than the original game. It's not like its even that hard to improve on something you had already accomplished. It's called being lazy.

Tachyon_Nova2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )


The artists have to design an level than design and build all of the objects, then concept and create textures plus work on light positions/levels and even then that level may end up getting cut.

Creating a texture is an easy and relatively small part of the whole process, and as you can see this guy hasn't even redone most of the textures, ands in most cases is just taking the original texture design and redoing it in a higher resolution.

@ Caboose32 - Crytek are not lazy. After finishing their PC engine (CE2) in 2007 they then rebuilt the engine more or less from the ground up for multiple platforms for the first time (for them) while at the same time developing several games using the technology and licensing it to other companies. Does that sound lazy to you?

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kassler2754d ago

Wow, what a difference.

captain-obvious2754d ago

yah the textures in crysis 2 is a setback

like the first crysis 1 was photo realistic
crysis 2 got great graphics but not photo realistic
its just eye candy

Shackdaddy8362754d ago

You never played the first Crysis 1 did you... Some textures were really good but most were horrible close up. Believe it or not C2 was a step up with textures.

TheIneffableBob2754d ago

Crysis 2 was more consistent in its texture res, but it isn't higher res than the first Crysis. Things like grass had their resolutions halved.

the_1080p_guy2753d ago

'You never played the first Crysis 1 did you...'

Actually,I wanted to ask you the same question.Care to explain the 'horrible close up' texture in Crysis 1? Even 5 years later,games cant match textures of the first Crysis.

Its Crysis 2 that has horrible texture up-close,looks good at a distance though.While u can use the binoculars in Crysis 1 if you are too desperate to find some bad textures.

Shackdaddy8362753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

@1080 There were bad textures in Crysis. Crysis was never known for its textures (although it did have some amazing textures). The thing is that Crysis does an amazing job of hiding it.

Look at any cliff side or any tree trunk or the ground behind foliage and you will see.

Ineffable was right though. Crysis 2 didn't have higher res but it was a lot more consistent.

SRTold2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

You guys are so hung up on graphics that you can't enjoy the game.. pathetic.

I just recently played through Crysis 2 on the Xbox, and even though I heard the graphics were toned down, this game fucking blew me out of the water. I would say that it is at least in the top 3 best looking Xbox 360 games, right up there with Enslaved.

I am currently playing an old MUD called Moosehead. MUDS are what MMORPGS came from. WoW came about because of these MUD games. They are essentially WoW's grandfather.
I have played this Moosehead game nonstop for the past 7 days. This game HAS NO GRAPHICS whatsoever. It is all text, and the gameplay is so addictive that I can't stop playing. I would even go as far as to say this is the best Multiplayer game of all time, and the best RPG of all time, yet NO GRAPHICS AT ALL.

It must say something that I am playing a text-only game, when I have a 60 Inch LED LCD 1080p Sony Bravia, with an Xbox 360 and PS3 hooked up, as well as an Alienware M17x super laptop with an onboard card and 2 extra graphics cards running in SLI.. Yet I can not pull myself away from this NO GRAPHICS text only game.

captain-obvious2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

no one said anything about being a graphics whore hell i update my PC in like every 15 years lol

but its a clear setback fron the first crysis
they should go forward not backward

yet the game (crysis 2) is still fun game play wise (not MP tho)
but in here we are talking about graphics so yah

i mean i still like and play games like RE3 and C&C on PC and boy those got some stupid graphics but i still like them

Baka-akaB2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Wow touchy much ? No one usually accepts a sequel of a game to be worse looking .. be it from a low budget or blockbuster game .

The game isnt just setting the bar lower in graphics , it's smaller and got a far worse IA , according to everyone who actually touched the first game .

Why shouldnt fans from the first hour complain then , and why should they care that you are happy with the inferior version being one of the best on an outdated and inferior machine , that didt even get the first game ?

nilamo2754d ago

Isn't it the duty of fans to spread the love and let everyone enjoy that which they call themselves fans of?? What's wrong with him liking the game? God this is the reason why I ****** hate PC gaming. Not once have I ever met a hardcore pc gamer that said he loves to play a game because it was fun, the only thing I ever hear is GFX GFX GFX. I

Baka-akaB2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Did you just rest whatever you wanted ? The complaints are on all aspect of the games being inferior to the first game so far .

Nothing wrong with liking the game ... but where does people come off calling older fans graphic whores after quite a few valid complaints ?

"this is the reason why I ****** hate PC gaming. Not once have I ever met a hardcore pc gamer that said he loves to play a game because it was fun"

Ah yeah that BS again . I'm tired of PC fanboys with their "console is ruining us " mantra .. but that kind of stuff isnt even better .

FYI at every turns the most popular pc games were almost never high end graphic benchmarks .

Ever heard of starcraft , wow , diablo , sims , civilization , among many other things ?
Are you going to tell me you couldnt meet a pc fan who enjoyed those games that used low specs overall , and whoop any crysis' ass saleswise ?

Tony P2754d ago

I could understand the "it's just graphics" thing for the majority of games.

But not for the game that friggin' set the bar for high-end graphics.

Ravenor2754d ago

Good for you? Crysis was a great game, gameplay wise and visually. It also had some pretty decent MP maps, it wasn't a bad package and it sold well.

With Crysis 2, I don't think it's unacceptable for people to have high expectations for the visuals and also for them to be discussed and critiqued that's the nature of games like Crysis. You think the console versions look fine? Fine, I wont argue with that. For me going from the first to the second, it was a atrocious step backwards.

A step backwards with software like this should never be accepted.

Gohadouken2754d ago

Pretend otherwise if you want ...

There are a few games and categories of games that are at least half about looking good and hyper realistic , than their gameplay .

Stuff like racing games, sports simulations , and games like Crysis .

The game is all about realistic graphics and being an open fps experience . The second isnt looking nor playing as well , of course their should be complaints .

Again try to pretend otherwise , especially after professing the game blew you away by being one of the 3 best looking 360 games .

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You Noob2754d ago

this remind my crysis 1 :)

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