New Mass Effect 3 details: “Omni-Blade” at E3, much more

GM: Brenon Holmes, Senior Designer at Bioware on Mass Effect 3 has disclosed some new details about the game.

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Bigpappy2754d ago

They don't have to sell this to me. I will obviously finish the trilogy. Thanks for bringing back some veriety to the customization to the weapons though.

Pintheshadows2754d ago

I want to be playing this right now.

nilamo2754d ago

Lol at that comment. Someone is bitter.

MasterD9192754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I cannot wait...I hate the delay but if they are adding more and perfecting it then so be it. Also- Miranda better be back or my Commander Shepard is going to be a pissed off d-bag to everyone in the galaxy.

Cerberus292754d ago

Haha, I gotta decide which save file I'm gonna use. My original one where I hooked up with Tali, or the second one with Miranda.