NFS ProStreet in 'cash for upgrades' shame

EA's forthcoming mod-heavy racer Need For Speed ProStreet enables players to pimp their virtual rides using real cash, Gamer can reveal.

When purchasing upgrades, players will be given the choice to use either in-game cash or Microsoft Points (in the 360 version at least – we've not been able to check whether other versions will follow suit with their own currencies at this time) to buy the items in question. How much each pack will cost is currently unknown. It's unlikely to be very much, but this is still the continuation of a rather worrying trend to make games cost even more.

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YoMeViet3987d ago

I'm not surprised at all, its EA of course. MS points cost money so they want you to pay to upgrade your car. Of course you use in-game cash but really sneaky can you be. Shame on EA shame.

SuperSaiyan43987d ago

I think I might wait until I see how much this content is going to cost in points before I buy this game. Time to make a stand me thinks.

green_ghost53987d ago

Well at least we are given a choice, however hopefully this won't mean that in the future the only way to upgrade anything is to spend MS points. That worries me a little.

MK_Red3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

WTF!? That's stealing in broad daylight, EA proves once more that it's nothing more but a greedy thief. And I thought it couldn't get any worse than money for tutorials / cheats.

This is disgusting but in the ends, it's typical EA behavior. (And was just starting to respect EA...)

Ignorant Fanboy3986d ago

If you dont want to buy them, earn them the old fashioned way, by playing the game!

If you are lazy and want a tricked out car from the very beginning, buy the upgrades.

I prefer to play the game to unlock stuff, but having the option isnt bad.

HeartlesskizZ3986d ago

I hate EA so much sometimes. not only they took my old school racing game downhill after NFS:HP2 but now after they pretend to be back on track they hit you back with a real money feature? wow EA really WOW

InMyOpinion3986d ago

It's not typical EA behaviour. Almost every PC MMO has some kind of payment built in, you buy land, weapons, accounts etc.

At least EA gives you a choice. Who knows, people with too much money who sck at racing games might love this option...

AzaziL3986d ago

I still remember the good days when you put down the money for any game, and you had the ability to access every last bit of the game without having to pay for anything. It makes me sick to the stomach that we're paying around $60 a game now and still have to pay more if you want the complete experience.

I only have two suggestions for this growing trend, either stop charging for extra content that's already on the game (ha, like that'll ever happen) or simply release the game for $10 cheaper (just as doubtful).

It's only a matter of time before we'll be having no choice but to pay extra for every game we buy, which is complete BS, unless we do something now. And we can start by not paying another dime for BS content, UP YOURS EA!

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gamesR4fun3987d ago

The only thing they respect is cash. They can take their nickel and diming upgrade plan and stuff it.

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The story is too old to be commented.