Duke Nukem Forever: Demo Impressions ('s Asad Syed writes:

"PC, 360, and PS3 gamers who purchased the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition or pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever at a number of select retailers are now able to download the game’s single-player demo a week earlier than the demo’s public release date.

My initial impressions: this game is f****** stupid. From the massively ostentatious American flag spread out across the background of the game’s main menu, to the way the demo starts by holding RT to piss into a digital urinal… this game doesn’t exactly market itself to anyone with much “taste”.

But, what do they know? Read on after the jump for my full Duke Nukem Forever demo impressions and a video play-through."

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Kran2749d ago

I too did not enjoy the demo. I think this game will be this years big disappointment.

Tarmgar2749d ago

Agreed. It disappointed me terribly :(.

Kos-Mos2749d ago

Anyone here disappointed by the demo care to explain what to expect from the game?

EazyC2749d ago

How about fluid gameplay? Even on a PC on best settings possible, its very clunky, especially for an FPS, and slowdown/screen tearing was a common occurence from my experience. The guns are even lame now! Even to avid fans of DN, this, if anything, makes this game even more of an abomination. Unless the demo is from a VERY early build.....

And do not get me started on that monster-truck section...

DrFUD2749d ago

Duke's loss is Shadows of the Damned's gain.
But I will gladly pick up the Dukemeister when he's in the bargain bin for 20

DOOMZ2749d ago

I'll wait for a real web site to give a review. This reviewer has no idea what Duke's all about!

cbakehorn2748d ago

Sounds to me like a lot of people agree with him, or at least the point that he made.