G4TV - We Predict The Future Of Kinect, Halo, and Gears of War Forever

G4TV - Microsoft might be the biggest enigma at E3 2011. We know that Nintendo is showing a new console, and that Sony will be pimping their NGP, but what will Microsoft be doing? Chances are high that they'll rely on Kinect a good deal, pimp the upcoming Gears of War 3, and wave Halo in our face in one form or another. But will they have any real surprises? While Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney might not take the stage this year, Microsoft needs to pull out some exclusives and some well-kept secrets to impress us.

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pixelsword2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Geeks shouldn't say "pimp"; just... no.

user83971442752d ago

Im not really excited about Halo or Gears. They need something else besides a shooter.

pixelsword2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

I like both Halo and Gears but I really wish they would have put another Spartan prototype in Halo 2 and when Halo 3 came around that Chief bought it because it would have made him a legend; instead they gave that honor to Johnson. While Johnson was a great character, they needed to pad his feats a little more before doing what they did, and for him to not die in battle was sorely disappointing.

I have a feeling at least 50% of the Gears team will die. Baird is a given because he sucks, but the other one? Fenix could die and be brought back "Phoenix" and the series would be none the worse for wear.

Kojima would be well to carry on the MGS franchise with Johnny since he has the most experience, and you could toughen him up through a trial by fire.

Active Reload2752d ago

If they do announce some new Ips, hopefully they have release dates firmly in place. I notice other companies announce games that are suppose to come out a year or two later and when that time expires, those games get pushed back. I hate the hype from future releases and the games turns out average, then we get delusional gamers clogging up the cooment section with comments full of denial.

Jocosta2752d ago

yep, if its 3 years out I would rather not hear about it. Hell, one year out I don't want to hear about it. About 6 months would be fine though.

MasterD9192752d ago

The Halo HD remake is practically set in stone...I'm still holding out for some Halo 4 info this year though.

I wouldn't mind seeing a new Spartan go toe-to-toe against Master Chief in Halo 4. I think that would be awesome.