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Submitted by MrSwede 2955d ago | article

Former Harmonix dev. bashes PS3

"I read various game forums from time to time, and often see gamers complaining about 'lazy ports' to the ps3. They often mention how the ps3 is the most powerful game console and blame developers working on the console for doing a bad job. Sony has all of these people duped by impressive marketing spin, and I'm often amazed at how potent this type of rhetoric proves to be. For those unaware, I'm going to break it down simply and explain exactly why ports to the ps3 will never be as good as their 360 counter parts, and why most ps3 exclusives will likely continue to suck."

Follow the link to read how Jason Booth "debunks" a few "misconceptions". (Culture, Dev, Industry, PS3)

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Bigmac573  +   2955d ago
"PS3 Exclusives Likely to Suck"
PS3 has Eye of Judgment, that's all I care about right now. Anyone wanna play? =)

BY the way, here's a picture of this horrid monster:
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Fighter  +   2955d ago
LOL re: the pic
He needs the light to hide his true troll self. When I say 'troll' I mean literal (like Shrek) troll.

The guy just got fired from Harmonix so he's definitely in a self-destructive mood. Xbox 360 and the Wii will probably be next on his hit list. That girl in the pic better watch her back when sh's in the same room as him.
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Time Lord  +   2955d ago
I thought you cant post blogs in here?
or is it ok when they bashing the PS3?
YoMeViet  +   2955d ago
Shrek is an Ogre but I get your point XD
unlimited  +   2955d ago
what whiny pity games have he made that was graphically amazing..heck i dont even know who he is at all..someone mad at sony for making his life he even workin on a psp game or ps3..i read that sony didnt want anythin to do with him..maybe that why his going nuts and hating..


Also have the best looking game out there compare to the 360..who crapping out on people each day..
ruibing  +   2954d ago
So this is his version of a job resume to be hired by Gabe (from Valve)?
Marceles  +   2954d ago
I guess that's why he's a former dev. Fired.
iceice123  +   2954d ago
Bring up someones pic in this discussion makes no sense. Guess you finally see how much your console fails :) Lets see a pic of you sense you're so into bringing up others =)
marinelife9  +   2954d ago
I stopped reading when he said PS3 exclusives suck.
nasim   2954d ago | Spam
sticky doja  +   2954d ago
its official: Nasim is getting paid by Sony.
It was just a hunch at first, but as much as this guy stays on this site stating how great the PS3 is and is doing, their can be no other explaination. He posts constantly for like 8-10 hours a day, so either he goes to work and then comes home and spends 8-10 hours praising the PS3 on the internet instead of actually playing it, or the 8-10 hours on the internet praising it IS HIS JOB.

Anyone else feel this way? No one else on this website spends half as much energy as he does promoting the PS3 and bashing the 360.
shmee  +   2954d ago
nasim used to work for VALVE

He is now part of a multiplat company

DO u want to refute a developer on this?

sorry nasim (not his real name)

I had to reveal your identity.

Nasim and his team are working on a big PS3 PROJECT .....u wd see his fruits in 2008 FALL
LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL  +   2954d ago
gameR4fun = Most ignorant fanboy
Normally this is where I post something that makes me lose my bubbles (or lack of). For the first time I am putting up a serious post.

"wow this guy is being paid for this dont believe a word."

This is one of the most ignorant comments I have seen. The blog post is 100% correct. I am a programmer and I have done game programming before (nothing 3D but the underlying concepts are close to the same)

EDIT: I see 3 disagrees already and no replies. You PS3 turds are a bunch of idiots.

Not one thing he mentioned is false. I would like you to reply with some insight on how these comments are made-up. Game programming is all about "state"

You cannot determine the state of something if it is split across multiple processors. The problem is that you get "dirty reads" that are stored into the cache....meaning....that when you have a program that needs to know the exact state, it has to pass through one central point.....ONE CORE.

This is why we have servers. Servers act as a single entry point TO PRESERVE STATE. Since games need to stay in sync, the majority of the functions need to rely on ONE CORE. Hence why most of the SPUs aren't being used and as far as I can see they won't be able to find a use for them (outside of audio and simple tasks)

All of his points are valid and exactly why the PS3 is not doing well. It has an excellent source of power but not all of that power fits into game development.

Now with that being said. You start to see why the PS3 is getting crap ports. You have to alter your code outside the norm. This is time consuming and it will cause companies to lose interest (especially when sales are not as good as others). I feel that the AAA games to come to the PS3 are going to be exclusives. This is the only way developers are going to have the time and efforts to write code specifically for the PS3 architecture.

If you want to hit that disagree button, at least reply with a reason. Disagreeing without a reason just shows that you are a ignorant fanboy.
Give me some credit...I finally posted a REAL comment.
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radzy  +   2954d ago
nuff said!!!!!
back to halo 3 -team slayer
Icecold33  +   2954d ago
Why would you post this guys picture?(Isn't it already posted with the article.) What point did it have? Does it aid you in making a personal attack against him because you don't agree with what he said.

This is a clear example of people hearing and seeing what they want to hear or see.
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sak500  +   2954d ago
@ Bigmac i doubt u look any better than this guy.
godofthunder10  +   2954d ago
stop making an a ** of yourselfs
this is what gets me from fanboys from both sides.when a sales report comes out that 1 outsold the other,they are wrong if the system they have didn't sell more then the other,like they know how many units sold and the people that keep up with sales figure don't.these post are the same way,they have a man here who know about the systems because he's a delveloper but people act like they still know more then him because he said things that's against their system,but he's not the only developer that said the same thing,i read a few articles where the developer said that the ps3 isn't more powerful then the 360 because of the way it's made.but still they have fanboys saying that they don't know what they are talking about well if they are right and he's wrong then why is it that
1st- the majarity of games that's on both system looks better on the 360
2nd-developers said that it's difficulity to program for because of the way it's made.
3rd-games for the ps3 is always postspone because they are having problems developeing them.

i'm not saying that the 360 is more powerful then the ps3 because it'isn't but the ps3 is more powerful then the instead of being stupid fanboys fighting over a kids game system like a bunch of 9 year olds on a school playground, they need to stop being bias and fact the facts,if you want to play all the good games you will need both systems and that's a fact i don't care what kind of spin you put on it and till the sony fans have proof that the ps3 is more powerful they need to face the fact and the same for the 360 fans.
so instead of making an a** of themselfs they need to just enjoy their game no matter what system they have and stop acting like they will get a % of the sells because they want receice a damn dime as a matter of fact micro and sony doesn't give a sh*t about them,so they need to stop acting an ass and just enjoy their games and act like a grownup instead of their shoesize.
Ignorant Fanboy  +   2954d ago
I seriously doubt that Nasim is a game developer.
His posts are so sloppy Im surprised he knows how to use a computer.
gerrard  +   2954d ago
Oh really the PS3 isn't more powerfull than 360, doesn't need bluray?Tell that to naughtydogs and insomiac makers of Uncharted Drakes Fortune and Rachet and Clank: TOD
barom  +   2954d ago
lol I guess there is a reason why he's a FORMER Harmonix developer.
popup  +   2954d ago
Armyless  +   2954d ago
lol @ the pic - I'm sorry
KeiZka  +   2954d ago
It seems to be allowed, at least when it's about x0/Wii bashing...
solidt12  +   2954d ago
I was never in to card games but I might get this game on the PS3.
b777conehead  +   2954d ago
sticky blood mask the mart power of green doing the same on the 360 side as naism on the ps3 side
ry-guy  +   2954d ago
Oh, so when it is someone posting a blog about how the Xbox 360 is inferior. Or that the Wii is underperforming, it becomes bashing?

This is probably on the better end of some of the blogs posted on N4G. This is an actual game developer who has dealt with the PS3 and is voicing his disdain for it while providing local and coherent arguements much better than the typical "PS3 4 14|=3!" or "PS3 has no RROD" or my personal favorite "We have Lair (control problems), Folklore (just a generally lack-luster game compared to the "excitement" people were for it), Ratchet & Clank (which is a great game), Uncharted (who knows), UT3 (which is multiplatform anyways), Jericho (was on alot of peoples lists for a while until reviews started leaking), Eye of Judgement (which is way too expensive in my opinion but a neat toy none-the-less), etc etc etc."

I'm tired of Xbox 360 fanboys boasting the numbers of sales and how the PS3 is getting stomped into the ground.
I am equally (if not more) getting tired with the Playstation 3 fanboys telling me their system is not underperforming and then spit out a list of games that have been announced from here until the next holiday season (and 3/4ths of those games, I bet, will perform below expectations).
gamesR4fun  +   2955d ago
lol let the bs roll in
wow this guy is being paid for this dont believe a word.
hazeblaze  +   2954d ago
I very highly doubt he's being paid but he does seem to have his own agenda. For one, if we hadn't already seen games that look much more impressive on the PS3... such as Uncharted, MGS4, & GT5... then I could buy his story on the PS3 not truly being more powerful.

But the other thing is that there have been too many other devs stating that there is a lot of untapped power in the PS3 that gamers will really begin to see in the next few years, most notably is Mark Reins from Epic. And his word is a lot more credible to me than this guys.

The one thing I do agree with though... b/c of the additional coding and dev costs, most of the power we see for a while is going to come from the 1st party devs & 3rd party exclusives.
shmee   2954d ago | Spam
skarn  +   2954d ago
Or he's no longer getting paid not to say it :P

Either way, this is great flame-war material, don't you think?
gamesR4fun  +   2954d ago
fine if not paid then certainly biased and like I said b4 a lot of convenient anti ps3 spin here in NA just in time for the holidays...
s8anicslayer  +   2954d ago
i bet that new company he left harmonix for is being fully funded by ms,that piece of sh!t!he may just have gotten fired ,but anyway who cares,the ps3 without a doubt is technological advanced then the 360,activision just said so,cod4 looks better on ps3,nuff said
wageslave  +   2954d ago
A new one for the list!
Irrational PS3 Fanboy Excuses:

"this guy is being paid for this dont believe a word"
"I hate EA" (and UBI, Activision, Capcom, id, Epic, and 2K)
"EA is MS's b!tch"
"MS funds all review-sites"
"EA=Peter Moore"
"Just Wait"
"Just wait till 08"
"just wait till 09"
"Lazy devs"
"EA sucks"
"EA can't make good games" (Battlefild, most sports titles, Burnout, The Sims and upcomming Crysis and Army of Two)
"f**k EA"
"f**k Peter Moore"
"f**k MS"
"EPIC UNREAL engine is CRAP supposedly"
sak500  +   2954d ago
LOL @ Wageslave:

dont forget to add ubisoft and capcom to the list of M$ payroll

Premonition  +   2955d ago
He says he reads the forum, then read this, what game you made that takes advantage of the PS3's power, that guitar game aint nothin, so you keep talkin like you big in the game industry, probably one of those low type devs nothing compared to the bigger players like Unreal, Naughty Dog Valve and all the others.
SmokeyMcBear  +   2955d ago
wow did you read the comments on his blog.. just completely obliterate his post.. wow.
drewdrakes  +   2954d ago
Actually most of the comments were stupid and uninformed. One guy said that blu-ray reads just as fast as DVD, not true AT ALL from the speeds ive seen in the specs. Also some guy brought up Halo 3's 640p resolution...but failed to mention that it renders 2 frames at 640p each time, making it render the equivalent of 1.5 720p frames per frame.
Bleyd  +   2954d ago
About read speeds
The average read speed from a SL DVD is slightly faster than the read speed of a Blu-Ray disk. The average read speed of a DL DVD is slightly slower than the read speed of a Blu-Ray disk. The issue at hand is that most xbox 360 games require a DL DVD in order to have room for everything.

I'm sorry if you believe that rendering 640p twice is the same as 1.5 times the resolution of 720P. That's just wrong. You really should do your homework before you start posting things like this.
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THUNDERMARE  +   2954d ago
There has been a post about reading speed on BR and DVD if you follow the news from about 5-6 months ago, you will know that dual layers DVD actually run at relatively same, if not, slower than dual or single layers BR.
If you are arguing that single layer DVD reading speed is faster then I wouldnt disagree but note that no game in this generation use single layer DVD.
techie  +   2954d ago
Haha that post was very ironic...well done. Did you know Killzone 2 multi-renders 4 times the 720p...meaning by your reckonings, it would be 2880p! Deary me.
drewdrakes  +   2954d ago
Actually I didnt say it was better then 720p I said it renders as many pixels as a 720p frame multiplied by 1.5. And the guy who said the thing about killzone, that would be inaccurate. It would be that in one dimension, but because all you did was multiply by 4, it would no longer be widescreen. The width and height would be drastically different then 16:9. It would be 1440p if thats what you were looking for...
#4.5 (Edited 2954d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
hitthegspot  +   2954d ago
@bleyd True... True..
Blu-Ray is 3 times the speed of DVD... You don't know how much I hated to say that..

read it here http://electronics.howstuff...

3rd page
techie  +   2955d ago
Not really much to talk about here. Just posted it on a real forum - Beyond3d seeing what they thought of it, and my post was deleted...explaining that was nothing of technical importance, or even accuracy in the blog post.
MikeGdaGod  +   2954d ago
this was my favorite part.............
"The fill rate on the PS3 is significantly slower than on the 360, meaning that games either have to run at lower resolution or use simpler shader effects to achieve the same performance."

can someone name one game on the 360 that run native 1080p @ 60fps???

WAR_MACHINE77  +   2954d ago
that right there was what had me laughing. oh and the exclusives will always suck thing, lol, some one better get Kojima productions, Insomniac, Infinity Ward, Square Enix, and Naughty Dog on the phone and tell them their games will always suck. The fact that this all came from a guy that worked for Harmonix only makes it funnier, even their next gen games look like their PS2 counterparts.
sak500  +   2954d ago

If 360 devs use same textures as p3 uses of ps2 then most games would end up @ 1080p @ 60fps. BUt the high rez textures and normal mapping on most objects in games like H3 takes most of the bandwith. Any game out there on ps3 which has bumped/normal mapped textures other than MS?
squallsoft  +   2955d ago
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Drano  +   2955d ago
The question that bothers me the most is...
Why should we bother about a "former" employee? Nothing tells us that this guy was competent whatsoever.

Jump Beyond.
Rooted_Dust  +   2955d ago
I read in one of the posts below his blog entry that his new company is in direct competition of PS Home. So that may explain some of his biased opinions.
DARK WITNESS  +   2954d ago

i like it, is that something that us gamers who have the joy of owning both systems and getting the very best of both can quote at all the one sided people ?

bubble for you.
YoMeViet  +   2955d ago
wow this guy seems to know what he's talking about........LOL sorry I can't keep a straight face saying that!
Anyone know what games has this guy actually worked on? Is he a big shot dev or just some low lvl dev that does the busy work for people? LOL a no name low desk job dev talking all big HA

Edit: who gave me a disagree? Can't you spot sarcasm when you see it?
#8 (Edited 2955d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
chester  +   2955d ago
yeah, i know i'm going to get knocked down for this, but i believe what he says. he has worked on both platforms and has written a blog detailing what he believes to be true about the development for ps3 games. with so many ports being inferior on ps3 compared to it's counter-part, how can any reasonable person believe that these aren't very real possibilities as to why? he obviously has technical knowledge of programming and developing on the ps3 and the 360. i own a ps3 and only a few games because in all honesty i find the games on the ps3 to be less quality then the 360 by a mile. that may change next year but with the exception of littlebigplanet, there are no games that i absolutely feel i must have. of course i'll get mgs4 and ffXIII and others, but i also know as soon as i have gotten through those games i will be back on my 360.
and if you don't believe i have a ps3, my tag is chester97 and you're welcome to add me. i am an avid warhawk player.
Boldy  +   2954d ago
Nice post. It's nice to see that people are actually agreeing with a real game developer rather than all these people posting that pretend they know what they're talking about. Sony fanboys always say that it's not hard to develop for the ps3, but I say, So I guess your a game developer for the ps3 then if you know that.
wageslave  +   2954d ago
bubbles for you
I cant agree more. It boggles the mind that the members of this forum run off at the mouth like they do.

My programming skills are mediocre (at best) compared to someone who does game programming for a living. But I know enough to understand what this man is talking about. But when I read the responses here in this forum.

"hes stupid", "he's lazy", "he doesnt know what he's talking about", "I heard Z,Y,X".

It boggles the mind that what are clearly highschool (and younger) children can possibly be so arrogant and flippant. I know this is just the interweb, but the level of wholesale stupidity on this forum is like I've never encountered before.

Perhaps the SDF on N4G might like to read and contemplate what this developer is trying to tell you, instead of assaulting him.

Anyone even pretending to pay mild attention to the technical merits of videogame consoles would know that this isnt a new or unique opinion at all. The legions of game Developers are all saying much the same.

But, apparently, the 15 year olds on this forum know better than the collective opinion of the industry's game development professionals.

squallsoft  +   2955d ago
Please read:
Please read...
From a poster on that site:

"Getting data off the blue ray drive takes about twice as long as it does to get the same data off the 360's DVD drive."

Afaik the average speed on SL DVD´s is more or less the same as Blu-Ray. On dual layer DVD´s Blu-Ray has a slight advantage.

"Basically, they take the data they would normally send to the graphics chip, send it to an SPU which optimizes it in some manner, then send it to the graphics chip."

They take advantage of the Cell CPU, this is a good thing not a badt thing.

"The code needed to make the PS3 work is most likely only useful to you on the PS3, as the types of tricks you need to do to make the thing perform are very unique to the platform and unlikely to be useful on any other architecture now or in the future."

Yes and No, if you "thread" carefully you will gain speed on the 3 core cpu in the 360.

"but thats unlikely to be realized in any useful way".

Drakes fortune and Rachet and Clank takes up way more space than the 7GB you can store on a 360 DVD.
Maybe you shouldn´t use a launch game as evidence :-)

"The fill rate on the PS3 is significantly slower than on the 360"
If you want to take advantage of the "fill rate" on the 360 you have to reduce the resolution on your games. Hello Halo 3, hello Grand Turismo HD 4 real :-)

And about the author of this blog post:

Playstation Home will compete directly with his new company, so the PS3 is his enemy at the moment. With this as the backdrop, it's hard to lend any credence to his technical arguments.

If your wondering about what this blog author is up to:

so its for hisbenefit to discorage developers away from sony's console.

take this and any article bashing the tech of any next gen system with a grain of salt...
wageslave  +   2954d ago
I cant believe im responding to you....
I wont bother to address any of your baseless assertions. You're clearly uninformed.

But, I will stop for one bit.

you claim "this person is in direct competition with Sony's HOME, so he is unreliable"

This is what is called an argumentum ad hominem or "purely personal considerations". You cant dismiss him because of something that you presume motivates him to lie. You can't dismiss his argument *because* of your paranoid presumption.

But what this author is saying is totally in-line with what everyone has been saying for many months. This article is saying that the PS3 is a terrible design and that the development tools are weak is 100% completely, exactly like what we've heard all along.

Does it really matter what your (presumed paranoid) motivations for this person are? What he is saying is exactly what has been said by people who couldnt possibly be accused of self-centered motivations.

Clearly your (paranoid presumed) motivations are irrelevant. Clear thinking is the key here.

If/when you get to University, you'll learn all about this kind of disciplined, logically concise thinking.

Until then, you'd be better off not writing 250 words of nonsense without a drop of reason on the interwebs.
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Leg-End  +   2955d ago
okay, so this site only allows blogs that bash the ps3
i thought u werent supposed to submit blogs on this site
malingenie  +   2955d ago
Another One
They really hate my black box.
You know, my PS3 is gonna get an inferiority complex if you dont back down. Let him be, you bastards! (sniff)
Boink  +   2955d ago
5 guesses where this thread will go.
fenderputty  +   2954d ago
1. Downhill fast
2. Downhill slow
3. Downhill then up and then waaaay down
4. All the way downhill snowballing the entire time
5. N4G armagedon.
joydestroy  +   2954d ago
Delive  +   2955d ago
Former Employee?
Must have been one of the Lazy ones. LOL
Azures  +   2955d ago
Spinitus  +   2954d ago
good 1
fenderputty  +   2955d ago
... title should read ... former and bitter dev talks out his a$$ in some radom blog.
unlimited  +   2955d ago
what whiny pity games have he made that was graphically amazing..heck i dont even know who he is at all..someone mad at sony for making his life he even workin on a psp game or ps3..i read that sony didnt want anythin to do with him..maybe that why his going nuts and hating..

#16 (Edited 2955d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AnalFace  +   2955d ago
ahahaha!!! some nerds opinion. This site gets worse everyday.
Expy  +   2955d ago
This guy...
Is truly an idiot, doesn't he realize that he just said that ports will almost always be bad on the PS3? Everyone already knew that, he just tried to put it into vague terms just to dish out some punches at an architecture that he doesn't fully understand.

He said that in order to utilize the power of the PS3 you'd have to be optimizing from the beginning (NOT PORTING) which is what everyone already knew.

This guy just went on and on about how the Playstation 3 can't efficiently run 360 code (NO KIDDING IT'S NOT A 360). Oh, and BTW, what kind of graphics has Harmonix dished out? Yea, I thought so.
Martini  +   2954d ago
If he is an idiot than what are you, since you just agreed with him :)
mcgrawgamer  +   2955d ago
LOL this guy must have applied for a job at Sony
after harmonix fired him. So he bashed Sony. He'll apply for a job at Microsoft next get turned down, bash them and follow up the rear with nintendo, ea, naughty dog, epic, activition, midway, the list goes on and on. This dude is a butt monkey, who likes sniffing his own butt, eating his own feces and throwing the extra crap on the wall hence his blog. This dude doesn't belong in somebodys studio. he belongs at a truck stop cleaning the restrooms.
Azures  +   2955d ago
I'm glad were posting blogs from a disgruntled dev w/ a conflict of interest.

Can we start posting forum trolls as credible sources yet?
malingenie  +   2954d ago
How to get money out of flame wars?
fenderputty  +   2954d ago
lol ... so so true. The simple fact that there is a competition to see who can get the mnost points/hottest thread only leads to flameing hot entries of death.
Douchebaggery  +   2954d ago
a comment from the blog post
At 9:05 AM, Anonymous said...

what would you know about it? all of harmonix games looks like sh!t
Jandre02  +   2954d ago
it take planning...
enough said. if heavenly sword or ratchet didn't come out I might believe him. explain 720p and 60fp with pixar level graphic.
The Wood  +   2954d ago
maybe he should speak to those guys over at insomniac
lonestarmt  +   2954d ago
This seems fishy. Then how come so many games on the ps3 run at 720,1080i, and 1080p, and most 360 games are lower than that. Look at halo 3. Plus Have they played ninja gaiden sigma or especially rachet and clank where there is almost 0 load times, from gameplay to cutscene and zero loud time from area to area. I remembering playing guitar hero on my ps2 and it still had load times. Its not like those games had great graphics to begin with.

sigh, by a mile eh? haha man some of you people. The games not made by EA normally do the same if not better, just look at GRAW 2 and oblivion. When you build it for the ps3 it runs better, if you just half ass port, it will rung like a half ass port.
Real gamer 4 life  +   2954d ago
Firs tof all this guy is a former Dev. He said that the ps3 is not more graphical then the xbox 360. I want the 360 to show me any game that looks better then racher and clank. There is no game that looks better then rachet and clnak on the xbox360. And i own both console so i know. All pse game run on a native of 720p but halo runs at 640p This guy doesnt know Crap. No wonder he got fired, the day he got fired was a victory for gamers.
Azures  +   2954d ago
someone will try and pull the "GEARS" card on you, to that respond..

Unreal Tournament III, Gears was just practice.

edit: hahaha i sooo called it.

oh so r&c got a 7.5 did it? Thats the same asshole who gave Bioshock a 9 for the 360 citing nonexistent frame rate issues, so don't be so quick to defend that Gamespot reviewer. And I run Bioshock at fully maxed settings on my PC (monster rig) and r&c still looks better, much different art style to be sure...but better? No.

edit 2: gear 2? ok lol. Killzone will be out by then. :)
#26.1 (Edited 2954d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SuicidalTendencies  +   2954d ago
Your post reeks of fanboy biased. No game on 360 looks better then R&C? How about Gears or Bioshock? I am enjoying R&C, but don't go saying it's the best looking game on any system. A game with the best looking graphics doesn't get a 7.5 rating.

Edit: Ok, out of all the "reviewers" I respect the highest was GamerInformer with a 9.3. It still didn't beat out Bioshock or Gears. Also, to respond to your Unreal III, I'll say Gears 2.

Edit: You honestly believe Killzone 2 will look better then Gears 2?
#26.2 (Edited 2954d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
HarryEtTubMan  +   2954d ago
squallsoft  +   2954d ago
devs should optimize for ps3 first and then port to 360, because its easier to cut down codes and compress than to do the oposite. if 360 games came on hd-dvd, then the ports would be even. ps3 is a beast, and it takes real talent to make it sing. and this article is gonna turn into a fanboy war real quick. just wait.
#28 (Edited 2954d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Azures  +   2954d ago
I prefer...
That the 360 is a chick you meet at a college party and the PS3 is the girl you fall in love with. The 360 might put out now, but she'll just end up being another slut.
#28.1 (Edited 2954d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DreamTension  +   2954d ago
but everyone knows sluts are a lot more fun.
cartman313  +   2954d ago
Sluts may be fun, but there is a 33% chance of an STD.
Alvadr  +   2954d ago
PS3 exclusives do not suck??

Heavenly Sword is great, Resistance is great, Warhawk is great, R&C, GT5 are awesome (having played the demo).

This guys a strange one. We all know what the PS3 is capable of having watched the demos for games like MGS, LBP, KZ2.

I dont care which is system is more powerful. Theres plenty of good stuff on the PS3 to keep me happy.

I wish these silly devs would just shut the hell up and do their job!!
#29 (Edited 2954d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
wageslave  +   2954d ago
Heavenly Sword is 7.9 / 10
Resistance is 8.6 / 10
Warhawk is 8.4 / 10
R&C is 9.0 / 10
GT5 is not yet released.

Metacritic scores do not lie. Those 4 games are the *BEST* you have. You've just named every worthwhile PS3 game.
MK_Red  +   2954d ago
Well, after seeing Ratchet & Clank PS3, I call him a crazy idiot. If something like Ratchet TOD can be done in a console's first year, the future is more than bright.
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