Are The Graphics In WWE ’12 Disappointing?

Now that screenshots and the first gameplay video of WWE ’12 has been revealed, are you satisfied with how the game looks?

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a_bro2749d ago

yes, its the same shit again.

Warprincess1162749d ago

Just stop. The game looks fine. Graphics aren't everything. Gameplay is all that matters.

captain-obvious2749d ago

the irony is in the name "WWE 12" as its like fresh and new and way up in the series and sequel count

yet it looks like a PS2 game

VampiricDragon2748d ago

@ warp


let fanboys worty about graphics, let the gamers worry about the gameplay

Reibooi2748d ago


While I agree that Grpahics don't make the game there IS something that can be said about it in a game like this.

Seeing as the graphics look exactly the same as the last few games in the history prier to the last one chances are it's the exact same engine. Meaning the technical limits and flaws of said engine will still be there. Stuff like the bad collision detection that cases the characters to move through each other and the ropes. Bad animations that don't look as close to the moves as they should be. Movements that don't look human and instead look robotic. Game Play won't fix that and that is in a wresting game half the experience(I mean the visual and aural experience is a bit part of why people watch wrestling.)

So yes while the game play hasn't really been shown off yet it doesn't matter. The game play can't make up for the flaws that will be present because of a extremely dated engine.

crazyturkey2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Nah, they just look the same. So if you thought the last few iterations had disappointing graphics, these are pretty close to to the same.

L6RD7BLU32749d ago

What do people expect Crisis graphics or what?

ape0072749d ago

best smackdown game ever was Here comes the pain

nevin12749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Im with Captain Obvious. still looks like PS2 quality.

im with ape007. At this rate, Here Comes The Pain will never be beat

BALLARD322749d ago

The screens looked pretty good. The only gameplay vid is an early build of the Wii version so I'll judge it after the E3 demo. Gameplay is what count imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.