Capcom has “other stuff” coming up for Resident Evil fans

In a year already packed with a good amount of Resident Evil titles, what else could Capcom have in store?

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Kamikaze1352755d ago

I REALLY hope it's not one of those Wii rail shooter games. Those games sucked and Capcom is capable of much more. It's probably going to be that PSP Resident Evil game we barely know anything about. That and hopefully they'll release RE1-3 as a remastered collection and release it before RE4 and Code Veronica hit PSN and XBLA.

aCasualGamer2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

They are already releasing RE4 HD and Code Veronica X HD. There is no need to make old PS1 games HD since the polygon count is so low.

I think they should make a big RE game for PS3/360 aside from the whole "Racoon City Online". I mean a really big RE game in the likes of RE4 and RE5. Make it at least 20-30 hours long with Leon as the main character and Claire or Jill aswell. No messed up Virus from Africa, just make the old zombies and give us less ammo and make the difficulty harder with more puzzles.

Also, i believe they are gonna show the RE portable for NGP or PS Vita that they were talking about.


Nothing wrong with a little bit of milking when the games still appeal to the fanbase. I'm really starting to dislike the people who keep saying "Oh they are milking it, now its gonna suck". If you don't like the game don't buy it, but for the fans who really like the franchise i think milkage is like heaven for them.

Ser2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )


Since when has this been going on?!

On topic: I feel the need for HD REmakes, Capcom. Deliver them unto me and all shall be forgiven.

BABY-JEDI2754d ago

YES let the milk flow & all will be forgiven LoL

scofios2755d ago

RE2 remake would be cool.

ThichQuangDuck2754d ago

After Resident Evil 5 compared to Resident Evil 4 is anyone still as excited. RE6 would be nice but I would want less action game play and more like 4

user8586212754d ago

In that case be sure to check out the gameplay for Revelations

andrewsqual2754d ago

Oh good because as a Resident Evil fan Capcom haven't thought of me for the last 7 years since RE4

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The story is too old to be commented.