CD Projekt comments on possible Witcher 2 version for PlayStation 3

The developer behind The Witcher 2 has offered a statement regarding a possible version of the game for the PlayStation 3.

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Dart892753d ago

To all the pc player's in here is this game good??

murmur2753d ago Show
Focker4202753d ago

Its a great game, but I've got a pretty decent PC and it still has to run on the lowest settings to even operate. The frame rate chugs along and the graphics are obviously terrible (on my PC), so if you dont have a gaming ready PC I highly suggest just waiting for a console version. At least in my case its guaranteed to look and run better than my current version.It looks like a PS2 game on the PC I got.

braydon6192753d ago

sorry Focker 420, i have to disagree. The reason it probably runs so bad is because even between ultra high setting (which I can run minus the uber thing) and low settings it looks really good. To say it looks like a ps2 is a huge under rating of the game. It's an excellent game!

captain-obvious2753d ago

i think they did this move since its a straight forward simple port
because the xbox is like a locked PC simply

personally if payed alot of money on my new gaming PC and im going to get it soon on it
other wise i think the xbox is going to have a descent port

if the PS3 get it
then that would be cool
from the reviews it looks like a great game
and more player = better for the industry

so why not ?

Perkel2753d ago

" I've got a pretty decent PC and it still has to run on the lowest settings to even operate."

You don't have decent PC then.

Low settings are amazing fast and still look v good.

Kamikaze1352753d ago

I have it on PC, but if they release it on the PS3, I'd buy it there, too. Why? To support the greatest RPG in recent times.

murmur2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Wanna support the developer directly buy afew copies of GOG all your money goes to the developer. Why would you want to pay 60usd for a console version with more then half the money going of for:

packaging, retailer margin, Royalty to console maker

Save your Cash buy a copy of GOG if you want to support developer it would more then equal buying afew copies on console.


he said he wanted to support the RPG, best way to do that with least expense is buying of GOG directly. Developer gets all the money. He would have to buy multiple copies of console version from retail to equal the support of buying just 1 copy of GOG. Yea i know sucks to pay royalties to console makers lol.

TheBand1t2753d ago

Or alternatively he could buy the game on a separate platform then the one he currently has so he can...I it on something aside from his PC

just a thought

Kamikaze1352753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I already use Steam and I don't want to use another digital distributor; I'd rather have all my games either on Steam or on my bookshelf. Btw, it does suck to pay royalties, but selling more copies helps make up for the losses they make because of the royalty fees and they can see that porting it over wasn't a wasted effort.

Sure people can buy it from GOG, but if they make it for the consoles and console owners buy it, all of the work that went into it can pay off when they see that it sold a ton and they've gained new fans.


That's exactly why. Lol

b_one2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I dont want to wait for patches, stupid excuses, as for premiere they fcked it up greatly, running this game on max details(or even normal) without trouble is a near VooDoo experience..., to bad for you and good for CDPR is that they disabled gameforums... in Poland we have site, that is a parody of marketing and PR steps of CDPR

i wont belive in any of marketing crap talk, hope console gamers will get tested and optimized product, for now PC gamers was a beta testers and they even paid for it...

btw CEs were sent damaged (geralts head) ppl waited 2 days for activation, game has bugs and PC players praise them.... for what? Pirated version runs smoothly, legit dont...

and a joke at the end of my post...

what patch 1.1 is?
its an GOG exe file, without drms...

ps. console version will have to get tested by brand owner, i like it, coz on PC you can realese any shit you can...

Sinkway2749d ago

So you'll be buying it on 360 then?

Grenadan2753d ago

“We would love to bring Witcher 2 to more platforms, but right now have nothing to announce or say about our plans.”

Kamikaze1352753d ago

It wasn't a flat out "no" so it gives hope to those who own a PS3, but not a good enough PC to run it or an Xbox 360.

kingdoms2753d ago

Dont you just love it!!!

Kon2753d ago

Epic says the same thing about Gears franchise... And it will never happen. They just say this to not anger PS3 only owners.

XabiDaChosenOne2753d ago

Yea but CD projekts does not have a 3 game deal with Microsoft like Epic does :-/ and you better believe Gears is coming at a later date for the PS3 if you didn't notice by all the hinting epic has been giving you ;-)

b_one2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

actually Microsoft helps them developing Witcher 2 on Xbox, read more of polish sites...

btw. two of thiers main engine programmers left to Naughty Dog in 2009

XabiDaChosenOne2753d ago

@b_one "actually Microsoft helps them developing Witcher 2 on Xbox" What does that have to do with anything I just said?

tapaz2753d ago

looks like someone's already scared. when MGS collection got announced, i thought you wanted the games to be shared by a larger audience?

Nes_Daze2753d ago

Just like Mass effect? What about bioshock? LOL, bt I understand your concern, it would suck to lose the halfway exclusivity of a poor port, and one of the last few exclusive games on the xbox360.

DigitalRaptor2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Well said.

There are people out there so convinced games will remain exclusive. Not sure whether Kon is trolling or genuinely believes it so.

Sinkway2749d ago

and what about Tekken and MGS and FF13 and Dark Souls? Dude get over yourself

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