Gamespot - Hunted: The Demon's Forge Review

Hunted: The Demon's Forge buries its rock-solid ideas under a mound of execution blunders.

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shadowknight2032754d ago

No. This game is more like a 7/10.

jc485732754d ago

ouch, too bad I've decided to pick this game up later. Kinda interested in Alice Madness

vikingland12754d ago

I agree with some of his points buuuuut , I think it is at least a 7.5 - 8.0 I am playing through the SP game and I like it alot. I haven't tried to make my own level yet so I can't say how good or fun it is in that department. So still I like the single player game enough that I give it a 7.5 .

2754d ago
Tex1172754d ago

This game in motion is just...well...I'll be passing on this one.

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