Bitmob's Quality Assurance: What's right and wrong with Luigi

Like the rising of the full moon, the Bitmob team has come again to put a video-game character in his place. In this edition, the crew points out exactly what is working and what isn't with Mario's brother, Luigi.

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choadley2694d ago

"Luigi don't know what he did to deserve this."

2694d ago
JeffGrubb2694d ago

He is basically the Mushroom Kingdom's Anthony Weiner.

BenEViolent2694d ago

Yes @Jeffgrub we love it.

Tolkoto2694d ago

I have no idea who this is.

Sadie21002694d ago

Wait, you're kidding, right? I'm not sure anymore. I just talked to a guy today who never played a Mega Man game, so my whole world is topsy turvy.

Shaman1452694d ago

I'm never going to live this Mega Man thing down, aren't I? I shot myself in the foot with that.

DV_Bastian2694d ago

Luigi could jump higher in SMB2, and he's been my favorite ever since.

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