Nvidia and CCp games showcase graphics technology integration at EVE online fanfest event

CCP, a leader in massively multiplayer online games, today announced it publicly unveiled the results of its technology partnership with NVIDIA at its annual EVE Online Fanfest event last week. Carbon, CCP's proprietary graphics engine used in the development of its award-winning MMO game EVE Online, now includes NVIDIA's advanced PhysX, APEX Clothing and 3D Vision technologies.

The Fanfest demonstration provided attendees with a 'sneak peek' into the high-end graphics available in the hotly anticipated EVE Online expansion, Incarna, slated to launch this summer. The NVIDIA partnership augments CCP's Carbon framework with technology enabling a host of game-enhancing features for Incarna such as physics-based cloth simulation, ray-traced rendering of EVE characters, and 3D stereoscopic rendering.

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ATiElite2721d ago

pretty standard stuff until they started talking about ray tracing but unfortunately it was only the Avatars.

can't wait for real time ray tracing rendering.