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inFAMOUS 2, like the first, is especially boosted its share in an open environment of great beauty. Beautifully made, following the adventures of Cole deserved more variety in its subtasks, but it offers fans a game dense, rich enough, rich and superbly exhilarating to play not to miss. Besides the actual replay of the two moral options it offers, it also offers a fairly comprehensive mission editor that could allow players to enrich considerably, if the mood and quality follow after discharge.

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LOGICWINS2751d ago

Great review. Can't wait to get this on Tuesday! I'm at 82% on my Infamous 1 download. I somehow still can't get my "Game 2" download. Guess I'll have to wait till 2morrow.

Max_Dissatisfaction2751d ago

Have fun with it, I certainly enjoyed what little I got to play of the first game. Can't believe my jerk of a friend traded it for Fifa!!

Zynga2751d ago

Your friend is in titled to do what he wants with his game unlike you calling him a jerk.

LOGICWINS2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Yeah thx. I spent five minutes with the Infamous 2 demo at Bestbuy last week and the game is INCREDIBLE. Everything about it is just sooo fun. I'm actually afraid of downloading the demo on my PS3 because I know that I'm gunna end up loving it so much that I'm not going to want to play the inferior Infamous 1.

cogniveritas2751d ago

I played the Infamous 2 demo and I can say that the first game wasn't inferior as in worse in every possible way. It's just different. When you get to the second game the main character is usually settled into their role and it's business as usual. But in the first one, the pacing is different with Cole having to learn his role.

MAJ0R2751d ago

have u tried going to

Account management
-> Transaction management
-> Services list
-> SCEA Promotions

worked for me after I didn't get my first game

LOGICWINS2751d ago

Yea, I gt it fixed last night. I'm just waiting for the damn thing to finish downloading. I hope I don't get an error code when installing the game because I too a couple breaks(turned off my PS3 during the download process, then turned it on again to continue the download process). In my experience, when you take breaks, you get error codes during the install process.