7 games we DON'T want announced at E3 2011

GamesRadar: "With E3 2011 just over the horizon, we started this week with a list of 7 games we’d absolutely love to see at E3. Today, however, as our desperate planning comes to a close and the show really starts to breathe down our collective necks, our minds are wandering to some pretty dark places.

Yes, E3 is a fantastic showcase for games we can’t wait to see, but that’s not all there is to it. Some of the worst (or at least most memorably awful) experiences we’ve had with the industry have come out of past E3, and a lot of them were games that should never have seen the light of day. With that in mind, here are a few games we really hope don’t make it this year."

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TBM2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

gamesradar i'll take an announcement for part 6 of GT as it is my favorite racing series. so bugger off.

disagrees still won't stop me from wanting GT6.

wiggles2749d ago

lol bubbles for creative title

xer02749d ago

Gamesradar... I didn't bother going to your site, because your obviously courting conroversy in the hope that people will visit your crummy site.

GT5 only came out this year, to great fan fair.
It has sold more than Forza... which I think has been milked way more than GT5 this generation.

We the public - see through your tactics.

roguewarrior2749d ago

If you thought GT5 was a disappointment, your not really a fan of the series. Sure i wish all the cars were premium, but having a 1000+ cars is sweet. I love going into the used car dealership and finding random cars that I like, and suping them up. Easily my favorite Racing game this Gen.

Kon2749d ago

I rather have 400premium cars than 800 standard ones. Just sayin'

Menech2749d ago

The problem with fan's is they tend to try and overlook the shortcomings of a game.

Not ones about to say GT5 was a bad game, it wasn't but it was certainly disappointing considering the Demo was released around the PS3 launch.

The Premium/Standard set up was nonsense, no one liked it and sure you could counter that with, "well there's a 1000 cars what do you expect"

But that's not a valid argument games like GT should put quality before quantity and with GT5 they simply didn't.

RedDead2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

this is how I felt, it seemed to be GT4 HD mixed in with some actual content from this gen. Some of it looked absolutely phenomenal but most of it wasn't special in any way, i'd prefer consistent quality over quantity. Another thing is the long loading menu and crappy interface and do I really have to go through the car unveil thing every time I unlock a car? And I even bought a G25 for the game. Still though, Good far outweighs the bad with this game. I just wish it a few of the things wee made quicker and easier such as car unlocking.

Oh and the damage, they should've have just gone to the bare bones with it atleast like Forza 2 or something at least instead of having it in only a few races and on a few cars.

F4sterTh4nFTL2749d ago

Too much hype and too little game. 100 Events, 20 something tracks, 100s of bugs at launch. Game is still not completed.

TroySoul2749d ago

I agree with Rogue. I still play that game to this day. Then again, I really dont like the cockpit view in most racing games (DIRT/GRID does it best).

rlm412749d ago

GT5 was a real disappointment.. Turn 10 have showed them how it's done in half the development time. It makes you wonder what the GT5 devs were doing the whole time. Need to get priorities right for next game.

shikamaroooo2749d ago

You do no it took pd 2 - 3 to make gran turismo 5's engine where as turn 10 still use the same engine as but keep tweaking it so its not a fair argument

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Ser2749d ago

"2. Anything packaged with/related to a plastic instrument"

^This. So hard.

WhiteLightning2749d ago

You know I actually wouldn't mind an Uncharted racing game, CTR was pretty amazing and Jak X was alright, it dosen't have to mess up the plot or anything it could just be non cannon. It would allow ND to look into Vehicles or racing modes for Uncharted 4s online.

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