Destructoid- Red Faction: Armageddon Review

Destructiod: "Despite the wild alien-vs-Mason skirmishes, it's hard not to feel like you're on a guided tour of the Mars underground throughout the entire adventure. Volition holds your hand every step of the way, pushing you through tiny corridors and confined spaces; it simply doesn't lend itself to the environment devastation most players will be looking for.

In many basic ways, Armageddon is a superior game to Guerrilla. It makes strides in a number of key areas that are hard to ignore, including more polished visuals and a broader range of spectacular weapons and abilities. But ultimately, it manages to miss the mark when it comes to the core elements that made the open world game so great: freedom and ample opportunities to simply trash the game's world. Armageddon isn't a terrible game by any stretch, it simply falls short of its potential."

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Iceballs2752d ago

Bad a$$ demo. Don't know if I want to pay $60 for the full game though.

LOGICWINS2752d ago

I agree. The demo was pretty entertaining..but no way I'd spend $60 for this.

Quagmire2752d ago

Wonder if THQ will include a free download of this game with Darksiders 2, much lik they did with Guerilla and Darkisiders.