Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, New Gameplay Details

Details have emerged for the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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TrevorPhillips2633d ago

me want, me want, me want, me want!!! :D

Tyler Durden2633d ago

WOW! Did i read right? No hand to hand combat, really!?

Danielmccue2633d ago

I know i was disappointed too.

Frak2633d ago

it has hand to hand combat, just not as a skill which u can lvl up

Breostag2632d ago

Frak, I sure hope you're right about that!

creamsoda2633d ago

Is the game dialougue gonna be like fallout?

Breostag2632d ago

no, not at all. no offense but have you been living under a rock all this time?

creamsoda2632d ago

no i just have a life and dont spend it finding out every single tid bit of information about videogames.

Menech2631d ago

This is N4G pretend to know everything about the industry or GTFO!

Rikan2633d ago

I wonder how many times articles will be posted in duplicates after the gameplay footage comes out? Still though, I'd rather this then the usual Fanboy arguments =P

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