GamePro- Red Faction: Armageddon Review

GamePro: "Armageddon's single-player campaign is, in too many ways, an average shooter peppered with a few awesome weapons. At one point, I was sure the narrative was just some huge spoof of another sci-fi film I couldn't place, but the characters play it straight throughout. While it has plenty of wise-cracking-sidekick humor, there aren't any laughs to be had in Armageddon. Ruin mode is worth checking out, and if it were a moderately priced downloadable game, I'd recommend it without hesitation. But while you do earn upgrades in multiplayer, you really have to play single-player to make real progress in accumulating those power-ups and abilities.

Armageddon's not bad, it's just plain. The game feels like Volition started from scratch, but accidentally threw out too much of what made the last game great."

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