Journey: Themes and Goals Interview

Details on online play, design goals and the look and feel of Journey!

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-Alpha2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Journey is such a risky title, but you can see how much they are borrowing from the successful experiences of Fl0wer.

The interview is very deep and moving, you can see the passion they have.

I was not a fan of fl0w, but both Flower and Journey really idealize an amazing theme of human nature vs. nature itself. I really hope they succeed with their intentions.

news4geeks2750d ago

when I said it looked like flower the ps fanboys went on a disagree frenzy... lulz

jack_burt0n2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

IGOTY 2011.

AMAZING stuff.

I need these games.....

Not heard anything from the ps3 version for a while, I think info will come after WKC2.

-Alpha2750d ago

Japan FTW! I'm interested in all those titles too. NiNoKuni isn't localized yet, is it?

baodeus2749d ago

Yeah, really love the artistic aspect of this game. Really looking forward to this one.