David Jaffe gives out pro tips for playing Twisted Metal

David Jaffe has given one two pro tips, one on how to avoid the shockwave attack and another involving the Junkyard Dog, for Twisted Metal on Playstation 3.

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Dart892725d ago

Can't wait till this comes out.

-Mezzo-2725d ago

Same here, i'll be placing a Pre-Order next month, I have tons of good Chilhood memories attached to this Franchise, i Remember playing it non stop with my Brother when we were Kid.

I guess it's time to be Own my Bro again. :D

Takoulya2725d ago

I have the exact same experiences :D

I loved playing Twisted Metal even though I absolutely sucked at it, since I was only about 6 or 7 when I used to play it.

Der_Kommandant2724d ago

i've been playing TM since 95 :D

anasurimbor2724d ago

I really hope this delivers. Twisted Metal was one of my all-time favorite PS1 franchises.