Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fixes XIII’s Town Issue

Many fans were disappointed when towns weren’t included in Final Fantasy XIII but it seems from the latest teaser trailer that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will once again include towns.

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versusALL2753d ago

yeah, now people have one thing less to complain about this game. I personally thought it was one of the best games this year, but then again that's just me.

limewax2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I Loved the world it was set in, now that world can be explored properly, For me day one buy now garunteed. I know I will get disagrees but this is just my opinion.

The biggest let down for me in XIII was that such an amazing world could limit me so much from seeing it. If this changes, it could easily be my personal favourite game world

EDIT: Just watched the video, Moogles too, following the character in gameplay, and some wonderful looking environments. This game looks really good and a bit of a nod back to the FF fans of the ages, The trailer actually seems to me, to be cut in a way intended to showcase the things a lot of fans missed

Yi-Long2753d ago

... but let's see them fix the 'original language isn't available as an option' issue...

Reibooi2753d ago


That isn't gonna happen(and i know I'm gonna get flamed for this) unless they drop the 360 version. SE pretty much stated that the 360 was the ONLY reason the original Japanese wasn't in the original XIII because they wanted the versions to be the same and they couldn't fit the voices on the 360 without more discs and having to pay a crap load for said discs.

Yi-Long2753d ago a potential customer, I don't really care much for which reason or excuse they have to not include it...

...I just care if the game has the original language or not. And if it doesn't, then I'm not going to buy it.

I believe Final Fantasy XIII did get a release in Hong Kong a while ago which had the japanese voices and english subs, but I'm not 100% sure, and I also don't know if it was both versions, or just the PS3 version...

glassjoe2k82753d ago

Here's the problem Yi...You don't speak Japanese. If you did, you would buy the JP version. Since you don't, you honestly have zero context (regardless of how much anime you've seen) to judge whether or not the JP voice actors are any more effective in their native tongue than those of the NA version. You're one of many from the Japanofile generation that believes Japanese = Good with no deeper understanding to back that up. It's pretentious to be quite honest.

Even if you were convinced they were better by reading others that supported this opinion, you really have no way of appreciating it even if the statement's valid. You simply convince yourself that it is so and you're somehow appeased. Like when some claims a random 360 title has .02% less screen tearing than it's PS3 counterpart or whatever inexplicibly pointless thing it is people anguish over these days. Oh well.

dgroundwater2753d ago

I don't think so glassjoe. Much like Yi-Long I want the original voices for the sake of it. I will listen to them because they are the intended seiyu's from the production. I know from trailer watching that I'm more comfortable hearing them, and many hardcore fans are too.

NukaCola2753d ago

So FF XIII-2's "towns" were just part of the 15gb of data deleted from FFXIII do to the policy of keeping the 360 version 3 discs? Sounds like SE is really effing up the Final Fantasy name, and bad.

GrieverSoul2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

OMG!! I cant believe you called someone pretensious because they like to hear Japanese voices over English ones. Dude, I dont speak native english but I can tell how bad performance an English voice over can be. Im used to read subtitles and I always prefer to hear Japanese audio with English subtitles. Maybe the Japanense voice over is bad too but I can feel that they put more heart and feeling to it than its english counterparts. You mention Anime and I can tell that once you see the original Japanese ones you wont go back to the subpar English ones. But maybe its because of the way Ive grown accostumed with. I always read subtitles and I dont mind doing it. However, native speaking english people dont like to read subtitles because they are not accostumed with.

Yi-Long2752d ago

... I LOVE english...

But I DO prefer to hear my entertainment IN THE ORIGINAL language, so when it's an american movie, I want it in english. If it's a french movie, I want it in french. If it's a HK movie, I want it in cantonese. And if it's a japanese game or anime, I want it in japanese.

It's very simple.

mikeslemonade2752d ago

It's gonna be another disapointment, and if it isn't then it just show how starved we are for a good JRPG.

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BiggCMan2753d ago

Thank you! I'm glad at least one other person thinks its a good game. I constantly see people that hated 13, come into articles and say how much they hate. Well if you hate it so much, why are going into articles about it? 13 was a very good game despite its differences. I always say that every Final Fantasy game has been different in their own way, but many of them still very similar. 13 is just a different take on the series, and people need to accept that fact. If you don't want to treat like a Final Fantasy game, then don't. But it was a great game, for many people that actually cared to finish it, and not just complain about the linearity in the beginning and give up.

zackacloud2753d ago

Very good game comparing to other RPGs.

really there no good rpg game this gen in console except

WKC series , FFXIII , Demon/(mybe)Dark Souls , Mass Effect seies and Valkirya Chrono

There no sence way can talk about xiii better than that.

XIII not diffrent from other FF like FF naturalty , XIII loss a lot about meaning of FF game.

sorry about bad english

SLLCKGT2753d ago

Well said. This was an amazing game. I took it as it is. I actually liked how the game was linear in a sense. It keeps you hook to what was going on rather then throw you into a carnival or card game or something. It got most of the story across before it let you explore. I spent 65 hours on that game before finishing.

Anderson82753d ago

thats like saying "if you love it why are you going into articles writing about how much you love it"... when people are expressing an opinion you have to accept that it may not be the same as yours... i love that every ff game is diff it keeps the series fresh and entertaining but i still hate ff 13 and think its the worst one in the series i've played.. you saying its a great game wont change that i'm afraid

Vherostar2753d ago

I liked FF13 too but the problem is I liked it because there wasn't much to compare it to. WKC series is probably the only other decent JRPG out there right now still in development. NIS games are getting stale and samey.

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frjoethesecond2753d ago

Yay!! I thought I was the only one who liked FF13. Also awesome news.

WombBat2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Game had some major flaws, for starters;
- uncool characters(who wants to play as a chick?)

- lame world, that isnt completely final fantasy style, lack of various environments (snow,desert,etc)

- bad battle system

- no sakaguchi/uematsu/nomura

- no towns

- not as many extra stuff(gold saucer, chocobo breeding)

they have yet to fix most of these

Vherostar2753d ago

Your moaning because it wasn't FFVII basically.. EPIC FAIL.. I want FFVII remake as much as the next guy but this is a completely different game.

theonlylolking2753d ago

I also like FF13. There is no town issue needed to be fixed since there was nto any int he first place. They are just adding it so they can stop the complainers and make the game better.

You do not need cool characters for FF. FF usually has cool characters but these characters are also good. Sahz is probably my favorite character in FF13 and one of my favorite ever in FF.

WombBat2753d ago

@vherostar your an EPIC [email protected]

final fantasy 7 is one of the best and it set the bar.

this game really isnt like any other final fantasy, i would have been fine if they called it something else

i dont want to play as a girl, not sexist but I dont want to imagine myself as a chick and its just too hard to get into

ash_divine2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )


-That's just your opinion

-Again, that's just your opinion

-Not sure what that has to do with anything

-This is a valid criticism

-Fair enough

And how exactly do you know what they have and have not fixed?

WombBat2752d ago

I dont know what they fixed, but i know they didnt
add sakaguchi san/uematsu/nomura

your still a lame ass girl character

the battle system is the same

im jealous of ps3 owners only because of ffv13, the only real game that i want from ps3

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StbI9902753d ago

BRING DAMN VERSUS...FOR GOD DAMN SAKE, who cares for this broken record, bring the damn main dishe already, :(

Kee2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I think it was good, but the towns in FF games are a way of breaking the action up and letting you find hidden things as well as padding the story out with a bit of side-story.

The whole of FF XIII felt a bit like the challenge missions in crisis core: Stage after stage after stage with no break, just kill monsters and keep moving.

FF XII (although one of the more hated games of the series) was still a great game in my book. They could've improved it by having more memorable summons but that's about it.

FF X was also really good. Great story too.

Now, back to XIII. See how it differs from even those two games? You could go back even further to say: IV, VII, VIII and IX. All awesome games. The PSone days were the days when Final Fantasy was at it's best.

And they didn't need HD graphics or more actiony battle systems to do it.

I'm not really getting to any sort of point here, I know. But they really gotta ascertain what was good about the other games I've mentioned and bring them forward to the new one.

If I was them I wouldn't bother with a XIII sequel and I'd just concentrate on Versus. That seems more like the right idea. (from what little I've heard)

@limewax I just don't feel as though the story needs to be continued. I was fairly happy with the ending (Okay, that's it. On to the next FF game with a different story in a different world.) and this game has so many haters that it may actually flop. And square enix can't really afford to lose any more money.

limewax2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I do see what your getting at here but I personally disagree with skipping this game, the recent trailer seems to be showcasing a lot of missing features. If this could step up and be better than XIII surely thats only a positive

However I really want Versus, Noctis reminds me of cloud and squall a bit, but darker. That is a role I cant wait to play

EDIT: Actually after another inspection it is pretty clear anyway that no shown sections show towns or anything other than linear paths so far, Hoping for E3 to solve it

Reibooi2753d ago

I also disagree that about skipping this game.

I loved XIII(It certainly had it's issues but it's still a awesome game) And come the end of the game I coulden't help but feel the ending didn't really resolve all that much(aside from getting Serah and Sazh's son back). However that is just my opinion.

That all said not making this game would not in any way make Versus happen faster. The team making XIII-2 is the same as XIII and that is not the same team making Versus. The reason Versus is looking so good is because Nomura is in alot of control and what is probably a smaller team(Smaller teams often make better games. Just look at the Witcher 2)

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2753d ago

No it wasn't. I finally picked it up used. I'm on chapter 12 and can't really find the resolve to finish it. Especially since i just got 4 FREE GAMES FROM SONY!!! Plus infamous 2's coming out soon. Oh wait I'm getting off topic. The point is this game isn't all that great.

Anderson82753d ago

same situation, same lack of motivation to finish it.. i will eventually because i finish all ff titles but this is the first thats i've taken so long over.. i'll have infamous 2, dark souls, uncharted, skyrim etc to tide me over until ff versus drops so i doubt i'll be picking up xii-2 unless some1 forces it upon me

Pintheshadows2753d ago

It took all I had to finish it. I would of enjoyed if it had a coherent story. I finished the game after about 40 hours and was none the wiser as to what I had done. I also found the characters to be a real miss for FF. There was no one present. The only redeeming feature for me was the battlesystem which I thought was very well done. After a while of doing nothing else but battle it grew very old and my patience was tested. For me 13 was the biggest dissapointment so far this gen. I had been looking forward to it and maybe I over hyped myself because I was crushed when I finished it.

My favourite is still 9.

slaton242752d ago

well you cant say this game isnt all that great seeing how its not out yet. The article is based on 13-2 not the original 13...and actually linear i didnt like but still i loved the game because the story was well done and it was gorgeously created with great graphics

TheDivine2753d ago

Me too i loved ff13 also. The world and story were great the one thing it needed was towns and npcs to break up gameplay and add sidequests. This is looking really great, hope it shuts the haterz up.

iamtehpwn2753d ago

The sad thing about Final Fantasy XIII is that it actually had one of the beautifully designed world(s) in the series--That you could only look at and not explore.

Cocoon and Grand Pulse were amazing worlds, It's only a shame that the first XIII didn't let us explore it's towns, and interact with it's people.

FredEffinChopin2752d ago

My favorite FF combat system ever. I had such a blast playing it, and I can't wait to play this one.

TheEatingChampagne2752d ago

I totally agree with you.. Haters gonna hate and fuck them!
Best game in 2010 IMO..

the_best_player2752d ago

should of been in the last game but the 360 limited the game.

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Deadman_Senji2753d ago

What about the "not being a good game" issue?

Towns aside...

BiggCMan2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

So are you saying that to "follow the crowd"? Did you beat the game? Did you complete all the side missions, or unlock every weapon? Did you care to learn the battle system in depth and not just tap X/A like an amateur? Or did you give up in the beginning only because it was linear? The entire game was good, despite a few annoyances in the beginning, and I know many people would be saying the same thing if they just took the time to finish it.

Eamon2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

The entire game was shit.

I played 25+ hours and my friend completed it and we both came to the exact same conclusion that it's crap and doesn't compare to past FF games. But don't tell me that I have to finish the game to judge a game. If 25 hours isn't enough to judge a game then the world must be going mad.

Adding towns into this game fixes a big issue. But there is another much bigger issue and from what I saw from the teaser, they aren't fixing it. And that's Autobattle.

If they aren't giving us back Attack and Magic and MP then they aren't fixing the gameplay.

Kee2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I finished it. And I'm not saying it isn't good... But it was a let down (In comparison with the other games).

It was always going to be after all of the hype and the freaking 5 year premature announcement of the game.

You don't live up to that kind of anticipation.

It also really didn't 'feel' like a final fantasy, either.
It may just be me but it just didn't work it's magic on me the (Edit: way) FF games have done in the past.

All that said, I enjoyed it so I'm not complaining.

zackacloud2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Sorry but who can beat the game without L1 but it the same story u will select auto battle.

also why u asking them for take everything in a game ??

The game just took ur soul as rpg gamer it just a movie.

But it good for this empty rpg Generation.

Yes almost I forget somthing important FFXIII not the game that i was waiting it than 5 years and it didn't deserve that time at all.

I was waiting for that FFXIII I saw it back in e3 2006 trailer. And was ready to waiting it to last day of this generation.

I was expecting game beat all legendery FF even 6


BiggCMan2753d ago

There is regular attack and regular magic, you can chain it on your own. The auto battle is worthless unless you read all of your enemies, then it will choose the correct attacks, which is a good thing. There is a lot of strategy in the battle system which makes it easy enough to learn, but hard to master. Paradigm shifts make it even more complex. Also, the main reason towns were not in 13 was because they were necessary, due to the changes they made to the game. You healed after every battle, bought all of your items through the online market, and did all of your side missions through the stones on Gran Pulse. You probably never even reached Pulse if you played 25 hours. People have different opinions, and thats fine, but if you don't like a certain game, stay out of articles regarding that game if your not interested.

ClaveroRulz2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

It took me 120 hours to plat. The game is crap, beautiful graphics, Leona Lewis is garbage, the battle system is ok but the AI is bad, Game Over if your main character dies (LOLwut), awful weapon system, Hope & Vanille, the game is a corridor, no towns, empty side quests (go to A, kill B, done). This game lacks the FF quality of the Squaresoft era.

rabidpancakeburglar2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Thank you. I was saying something similar earlier but it was unfortunately in an article filled with XIII haters.


25 hours isn't enough to judge it, my first play through took more than double that to complete and do some levelling up

forevercloud30002753d ago

I finished AND Platinumed the game(as I am a hardcore completionist when it comes to FF games). Now the game has much fun to be had within it but it just always feels like it is missing key elements that I have learned to love from the series and just over all.

-The Battle System: very fun in my opinion but I totally understand why some feel its too automated. It might not have felt that way if you could at least switch between characters within a battle.
-Limit Breaks: I don't know exactly what happened to them in the series but they get lamer and lamer with each iteration after VII till they no longer exist. These were many gamer's favorite moves yet they are all but non existent. Also there seems to be this concentration on Flashy/Firework display instead actual technical moves(omnislash).
-Changing of names and FF norms that we have become accustomed to. Mainly the summons, WTF!?
-No towns or any real NPCs to interact with. Side quests are simply hunts.
-Story was all over the place. Character motivations were very flipfloppy as opposed to simply evolving over time. They just rly didn't know where to take it.
-Lightning and Sahz they only playable characters with any depth IMO.

Pintheshadows2753d ago

I finished it and was hugely dissapointed.

2v12753d ago

so did u finish the game cuz it was a FF game or cuz was amazing like 6,7,8,9,10

Deadman_Senji2753d ago

No im saying I didn't care for the music, the overall story, none of the characters really stuck with me, the cooler looking villains and antagonists got the shaft. one died in a mech and the other got shot in the head...on top of the issues that have already been driven into the dirt like the battle system ending the game when the lead character dies.

But hey, I'm glad towns are back!

Chocoboh2753d ago

Yeah I have 90 hours into FF13 and plat trophy, it's my least favourite FF to date

FredEffinChopin2752d ago

@ Eamon Well you and your friend think it so it must be so.

Not every RPG needs MP and HP to be good, I don't know why you see that as a necessary component. If you want that so bad there are a hundred other FF games for you to play. They actually went for something different here though, and most people who took the time found a lot to appreciate in it, chief among those being the combat. Personally, I thought it was the most fun FF battle system of all time, very flexible and allowing for brand new kinds of strategic combat that never existed in an RPG before.

And your answer to his question btw, I noticed is that no, neither you nor your friend did those things. You bailed early (because you already hated the game before it came out, having no towns and all, which is an RPG NoNo in your book), and your friend probably just did the bare minimum to beat it so he could have some back when you and he complained about how bad it was.

It certainly wasn't your typical game, and I liked it for and despite that.

Butt0n_m4sher2752d ago

..."Following the crowd" aside, the game is crap. Absolute terrible crap. The side missions were tedious, predictable, and boring. Learning the battle system "in depth" involves memorizing proper use of ur X button (auto-battle) and libra. The Auto-battle medics will get you killed. It didn't feel like a final fantasy, let alone an RPG. Stop this unsightly sticking up for a TERRIBLE and overhyped game... its trash. You obviously didn't play FF4 or FF6, to know the true greatness the franchise once was. If you played those games, you would understand my disappointment.

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M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2752d ago

I beat the game and was going for platinum but lost interest. I hope the sequel is better. FF fans need to face the facts that this game could have been better.

Godmars2902753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Just have to wonder if there are towns if not shops in this game, will Square finally admit that they should have had them in the first place?

Also think that if they should borrow anything from MMO and MMO type games it should be crafting tools and weapons from the remains of enemies. Require that characters learn skills and methods.

[email protected]_Senji:
(in the voice of the Fatman from the Maltese Falcon)
Bubbles! Bubbles to you sir!

Redempteur2753d ago

this part in the trailers means nothing relaly ..there are similars part in FF13 were you can take snapshots and feels like there are town ..when they are just part of the linear path ..

Simon_Brezhnev2753d ago

I still think 13-2 is just everything they cut out from 13 with modification.

forevercloud30002753d ago

That is precisely what XIII-2 is. Its all the content they cut from the original game due to space constraints yet they can't publically say any of that.

Simon_Brezhnev2753d ago

Hell i enjoyed Eternal Sonata a lot more than FF13 and especially Valkyria Chronicles. Square know exactly what their doing i wont buy this game until it hits 29.99 at kmart just like ff13 LOL.

2v12753d ago

i agreed cuz they say the cut enough , that they could make a whole new game.

baodeus2753d ago

or maybe they want to cut them out, make an entire new game and charge for $60 plus instead of cheaper DLC add on?

FredEffinChopin2752d ago

It might have its roots in something like that, but I guarantee you that there wasn't an entire game's worth of content that was originally going to be included in the first one. Maybe the town part is something removed for those reasons, but even that is iffy.

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