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With so many classics Nintendo pumped out in the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System, none stick out quite as much as Super Mario Brothers 3. Without a doubt, it stood out as the most innovative of the series, and the most substantial step up in the series...

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DarkCharizard_2751d ago

Easily one of the best games ever created!

Kon2750d ago

I couldn't agree more

user83971442750d ago

Can't disagree with you. This game is a legend.

jony_dols2750d ago

9.5 for story?

What story?

SMB3 is a great game. But only give credit, where credit is due.

jeseth2750d ago

Super Mario 3 is video game perfection. This game still holds up. My Wide and I will still fire up my old NES and play the hell out of this game.

One of the best games ever.

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fluffydelusions2752d ago

This game was great. I still remember getting a first glimpse of it in the movie the wizard.

shadowknight2032750d ago

now this is a good retro review!

user83971442750d ago

This is the best Super Mario Bros ever! I remember playing this game non stop back then. Good days

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