PSN Welcome Back Program Errors Reported -- Gamers Unable To Redeem Games

The PSN Welcome Back Program kicked off today but not without a hitch. Many gamers are reporting problems when trying to redeem their free games. The European PlayStation blog has acknowledged some gamers are having issues downloading their games. They recommend logging into your PlayStation Network account and choose Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List. From here choose " “PlayStation Network Promotions” and select "PS3 Free Games" or "PSP Free Games." Click "Select Content." This, in theory, will take you back to PlayStation Store to choose your games again.

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Why o why2691d ago

Sh!t happened.......
And i got mine just fine.......eventually....tada

Why doesnt my original burnout paradise save work with this DD version. Im never starting that again......too many hours

DragonKnight2690d ago

Oh look, it's repeatedly stated, not completely accurate, Sony article number 9329482349723897389237.

This has been covered TO DEATH!! The solution has been posted AD INFINITUM!! *sigh*

Raf1k12691d ago

It's not that big a deal. All you have to do is go back and try again a few times. It worked for me and I got the games I wanted.

The errors are annoying but definitely doesn't mean we can't get the games at all.

BX812691d ago

Jesus! WTF is it with gamers? If it's something you like it's no big deal. If it's something you hate, it's the end of the world. If it's fu*ked up it's fu*cked up buddy. Imagine if Gears 2 launch gamers said no biggy! Just try a couple of times to get into a match. Epic fail! If Sony fu*cked up and said our welcome back program for gamers is fu*cked up as well... How is that no biggy?

DaTruth2691d ago

Actually now the "game 1" icon has completely disappeared and I have no game! So, it will be difficult to try again a few times!

hardcorehippiez2691d ago

yea while its not that big of a deal the downloaded version of infamous that i got was a one hour trial. wtf sony download 7 gigs just to be able to play four an hour . i was under the impression that we get to keep any of the 5 games.

somerandomdude2691d ago

psn has been off and on since it relaunched.

TheDivine2691d ago

its been buggier than hell all day. It blocked me out and i lost mine but the fix worked. Just exit restart a bunch till u get in idk? Too many people on downloading the free games and ps plus content. I got EVERYTHING 2day lol. I bet everyone else is also.

SilentNegotiator2691d ago

I downloaded my PSP it's giving me a fraggin' ERROR when I try to copy it to my PSP!!!


joydestroy2691d ago

there are lots of errors. it's from everyone trying to get on there. on top of that, they're just bringing it back online.

i just hit enter, then backed out and waited. then it worked. just gotta have a little patience =)

finbars752691d ago

I tried that and nothing absolutely nothing.there's no games there what so ever

pain777pas2691d ago

Takes some fiddling at first but I got 4 games and a theme in the end. Sony made good on their promise even though the wait was alittle much.

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2691d ago
lazertroy2691d ago

Traffic everyone is flocking to "FREE" games.

lil Titan2691d ago

the early bird gets the worm...and obviously free games too :)

rob60212691d ago

It's like trying to get in to Walmart on black friday.

Yi-Long2691d ago

... and they won't run out of stok before it's our turn :)

I'll just wait a few days till it calms down and the 'bugs' are solved...

Kamikaze1352691d ago

On your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable navigate to the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB
Log into your PlayStation Network account and choose Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List
Choose “PlayStation Network Promotions” from the list of services displayed
Select either “PS3 Free Games” or “PSP Free Games” and then choose “Select Content”

Tainted Gene2691d ago

I can't even get into the "Account management" tab.... it says "ERROR"

watever, will try tomorrow

radphil2691d ago

Just keep at it. The reason being is because of server overload of everyone in the world trying to connect.

MrDead2691d ago


had to access mine that way, downloading wipeout now.

Lots of people online and its the stores first real test since it was taken down, I think its doing well considering.

Max Power2691d ago

I think this is beyond anything that the PSN Store has ever been through. I am confident that the other companies have had tens of millions across the world trying to access their online stores to get two free games.

Max Power2691d ago

I meant they haven't had this much action.

Don't know why I couldn't edit my comment it has only been 20 minutes...weird.

MatthewMk22691d ago

I redeemed the 1st free game but before I could chose what one I wanted the PS Store crashed. It's not letting me try again.

limewax2691d ago

It will do just keep trying, Im not sure if you guys got a slightly different system to us in EU so I will write what happened for me.

Go to welcome back, download the welcome back file itself, no games can be downloaded without it, Pick your games and download, simple. You will get many error messages and sometimes a full disconnect. Just clear the error message, go back a screen and try again. Keep trying and you will get there. If you cannot get back to the welcome back package use the 'Account Management' method.

A small detail I noticed, The games will begin to download INSTANTLY when your newly gained (free) PS plus sign shows up in the content window, I personally would speculate these issues are being caused by the PS plus influx rather than the frantic downloading worldwide as such.

Hope this helps someone at least, but remember, PS plus sign, You will get your download. Seems a strange coincidence to me

MatthewMk22691d ago

I did download the welcom back file but it crashed before I could chose my game. Since I already downloaded the file it won't let me try again. It thinks Ive already downloaded my free game when really I haven't.

limewax2691d ago

Have you tried going through account management? It should state a number of games you are allowed to download from there, And also be able to get straight to the games that way