Microsoft: 5 best E3 moments

CVG - E3 is just there, right on the other side of the weekend. And who knows what wonders it's bringing? We have a few inklings but anticipation outweighs any sense of certainty one hundred to one....

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Menech2723d ago

Microsoft article!!!!

Troll Troll Troll, disappointing line up, Kinect to causal, lost core appeal, Troll Troll Troll.

Just conforming to the N4G stereotype.

ImHereNow2723d ago

when MS announced FF13 for the 360

the amount of bitter tears and butthurt can never be recreated.

But the tears were oh so scrumdiddlyumtous

user8586212723d ago

Incoming sony army in 3..2..1..

B1663r2723d ago

My favorite e3 moment didn't actually happen at e3. It was the day or two after the loss of GTA exclusivity here on the internet. On that day the sony fan troll cry baby was born;P

DigitalRaptor2723d ago

I've never understand this fallacy about GTA being a Sony exclusive.

GTA from III onwards has been on a Microsoft console. Sure, it was really, really popular on PlayStation 2, but I never had any doubt. The die hards of each console believed it, but they were stupid.

Final Fantasy was never ultimately a Sony-exclusive series either, but XIII coming to the Xbox 360 was a blow to Sony and the fanboys, because that was believed to be only on PS3.