The Potential Blunder Moments Of E3 2011

Ian Fisher writes: as entertaining and joy filled E3 can be, we can’t forget that it is possible for a few things to go terribly wrong. Last year we had a relatively good E3 that delivered on the promise that it held, but this year I don’t know if the same thing will occur. With potential megaton announcements set to be announced, E3 this year could either retain its reputation as a place of pure excitement and joy, or things could turn out to be so disappointing that it simply makes gamers more jaded than they already are.

So let’s go through a few possible scenarios in which E3 could leave gamers with tears of sadness running down their faces

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Bigpappy2752d ago

Who else was expecting to read that Kinect may be a blunder for M$? I for sure was. I guess I am condition to think like that since it was announced a few years ago.

MinusTheBear2752d ago

Kinect must be a hell of a woman for you to be defending her like you do. Its an overpriced laggy peripheral designed to reel in casuals. I don't see how a gamer like you could be so attached.

ImHereNow2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

I LOVE how the nerdcore hate on Kinect.

No matter how many sites they go to bag on it and complain about its games. It STILL sells and MS and Kinect CONTINUE to sh*t on the haters.

JD_Shadow2752d ago

Kinect was a quick cash grab way to get a piece of the pie that was the motion control era. The PS Move has something going for it by imitating Nintendo and showing off a few games that actually work with it that make you actually want the peripheral. Sony didn't lose their identity there.

Kinect was Microsoft being too much like Nintendo when they didn't know what they were doing. This has been their main issue this gen: they don't know how to give themselves their own identity, instead trying to do what everyone else has done. They have tried to get everything the PS2 HAD exclusive last gen, like GTA and FF, to their system, and when Nintendo got successful, of course you're going to have imitators. This is okay as long as you do things correctly.

Most of the Kinect games were either very casual (to the point that you KNEW that they weren't actually trying to provide any unique fun in the games) or too "on rails" (or both) to really have an impact. Dance Central was the only real interest anyone had with the system, and even that fizzled out quickly. It's a nice piece of hardware to control the 360 OS with, but beyond that, it really offers little else in terms of gaming enjoyment. It's not just the "nerdcore" that has had buyer remorse with Kinect.

Then again, judging by how utterly idiotic some American buyers have been lately (I live in the only country where Justin Beiber would outsell...well, ANYTHING), I don't know if "buyers remorse" exists in very many vocabularies.

MinusTheBear2752d ago

darkpower is a smart man.