IGN - Dark Souls: The Basics

IGN - Dark Souls is an upcoming action-RPG from the minds at FromSoftware, a Japanese studio most recently known for its slew of Armored Core games on PlayStation 2 and PSP. Of course, this studio also developed the PlayStation 3-exclusive cult hit Demon's Souls, a 2009 action-RPG which inspired Dark Souls. Indeed, while Dark Souls isn't a sequel to Demon's Souls per se, it has often been described as its spiritual successor.

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Series_IIa2752d ago

It shaping up to be on par or better than Demon's Souls, its going to be an fresh experience all over again!

Anderson82752d ago

i must quench my thirst for souls !!.. i think it could be better, the open world and improved graphics are pushing it in the right direction.. but f' that i'm happy if its on par with demon's souls.. between this and skyrim i'll have no social life for a while

BiggCMan2752d ago

Hahahaha, thats hilarious!! I've never seen that before, and I love the Jets and Bart Scott.

ferpowerful2752d ago

this will be a downgraded version of Demon souls with 30 fps 600p and low graphics ill get The Witcher 2 PC

BiggCMan2752d ago

The graphics are CLEARLY better than Demon's Souls if you have cared to look at the trailers. There is much more texture detail and lighting this time around, but it is hardly the graphics that have me excited for this game. Demon's Souls is just fantastic in gameplay, and difficulty, and I am looking forward to playing this one because of how amazing that was.

limewax2752d ago

Agreed graphically this is way beyond demons souls. However the more important point is that bosses look even better, and the world looks more memorable, If combat is similar and just as hard, With more armor and weapons to choose from then this will be an upgrade in every single way....

I loved PS3's Demons Souls. But if the fact 360 is getting this too stops somebody purchasing it, then it will be their loss, this game is looking amazing, Personally I think its looking to be on par with Skyrim, and that is a BOLD statement

BiggCMan2752d ago

Thats a VERY bold statement, but fitting I would say as well. Anyone that doesn't think so is blind. There may POSSIBLY be more stuff to do in Skyrim because of the open world mechanics, but that doesn't make a game better or worse. Regardless, I really look forward to Skyrim, Dark Souls, and White Knight 2 with the first game free! 2011 is kicking ass in the RPG department, and just games overall.

ferpowerful2752d ago

u should watch the picture comparison between the 2 games and darksouls looks more pixelated and it looks more blurry like COD games and halo 3 subHD

DragonKnight2752d ago

So you don't like to play games then, you just like to look at them? STFU.

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