Tips For N.Y. Noire

TitanReviews Writes: While L.A. Noire rakes in sales I'll take a look at the few areas where it could improve when the inevitable sequel is on the table over at Team Bondi.

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socomnick2750d ago

Sick and tired of new york already.

Crysis2, mw3, bf3, prototype, just about every other open world game is in new york cut the crap already its boring.

Focker4202750d ago

I don't think I could spend an entire game listening to New York accents. I'd probably go insane.

thugbob2750d ago

I guess you wouldn't mind Jersey Noire, huh.

JellyJelly2750d ago

London Noire would be cooler. Victorian era, hunting Jack the ripper etc.

Jack-Pyro2750d ago

But....that's not in the Noire Style....

JellyJelly2750d ago

Rename it to London Victorian then :p

Jack-Pyro2750d ago

Well shit man, you might as well just create a whole new IP.....

Infact, now that you've thought of it, just collect some capital, create your own game company, and make it. Hell I'd buy it.

MinusTheBear2750d ago

I actually want a modern version. Something like one of those many detective shows on tv.

Hockeydud192750d ago

Yea that'd be nice. The CSI games just plain suck. Detroit Michigan would actually be a really good spot for a Noire Game imo

thugbob2750d ago

Yeah I'd like that too. I'd also prefer a detective approach in the modern era. Imagine in modern NYC as an NYPD police officer, that would be awesome.

Syaz12750d ago

if it's set in miami it might be cool, maybe take clues from miami vice. then again if the next gta is set in vice city remake then there's going to be a family competition within rockstar games.

TheLastGuardian20102750d ago

I'm just happy there is a future for L.A Noire.

Before L.A Noire Team Bondi was at a point where they could have closed down from bankruptcy. According to analysts L.A Noire should do well around the 5 million mark. Thanks to Rockstar, team bondi will still be around for another title.

Regardless of how much you liked, or didn't like LA Noire, you have to admit one thing. It was different, sure maybe not perfect in the way YOU wanted it to be, but it was a nice diversion from what you normally experience in the gaming world.