Has the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection killed off any reason to get MGS3D?

When Konami announced Metal Gear Solid 3D last year almost everybody wanted a 3DS. A year on, we now know that Konami will be releasing two versions of MGS3 in the same year, but have they sabotaged MGS3D’s chance of success by announcing a seemingly superior version?

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Abash2755d ago

Well uh..... I think Yoshi's in it <_<

darthv722754d ago

that title makes no sense. Why would a console game kill off the notion of getting a portable version? If you want to play the buy the game. You cant play the hd games on the go and you cant play the 3d game on the console (yet).

One does not equate/negate the other. I have lego games for the ds as well as the 360. Neither had any influence on my purchasing the other.

Others may see it differently and that's ok.

UltimateIdiot9112754d ago

Huh? I'm only reading kill off reason to get MGS3D nothing about not wanting a 3DS anymore.

Anyway, I have no intention and can wait even longer before getting a 3DS now that MGS3 HD will be available. I was planning to buy a 3DS for MGS3D but not anymore. There are only a handful of titles I want for the 3DS but nothing I must have. Hopefully the price will drop on the 3DS before I decide to get one.

sarshelyam2754d ago

I think the point is that why would anyone buy this one, when they already indicated a Vita version could be on the way...outperforming the 3DS version in every department except 3D (which I certainly don't need to enjoy this game).

Bigpappy2754d ago

I have never completed a MG game. I did like the way the games control. I would love to play them if the controls feel right.

darthv722754d ago

now that makes sense. There are plenty of games where i have both a console and portable version.

If it were more clear that does the ngp version of mgs3 kill off any reason to get the 3ds version. That is probably how it should have been titled.

For that my answer would be yes because of the link between the console and portable is present in ngp/ps3.

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TheDivine2754d ago

Hell no i want mgs3 on the go and in 3d. The 3d is acually super awesome on the 3ds. I tried it at gamestop and hated it but when i used my bros for an hour demoing sf4 it rocked. Its sooo great even on the small screen and adds to games really well. More mgs is always great. Nintendo needs to bring Twin Snakes to the 3ds. I would die for that port myself.

Venox20082754d ago

me too, mate.. but they could release Peace walker 3DS + Metal gear acids 1 & 2 on 3DS :) then I could be very happy person :)

Vherostar2754d ago

@Abash you basically got it there.. People buy the new nintendo handheld as its the only place you can find mario and yoshi Nintendo will force people to buy 3DS by moving there flagship titles to it. However the 3DS is starting to drop in sales and the regular DS and DSi are outselling it now.. So I think Nintendo might drop it as may other devs. So we may never see MGS 3D on the 3DS.

--Onilink--2754d ago

mmmmm.... is it me or the 3DS has only been out for 2 months??? why are people saying its dead??? wth??

And did you actually owned a DS??? because your point about the games may be valid for the home consoles, but on portables??? WAY TOO MANY GREAT GAMES NOT MADE BY NINTENDO.

amilio2754d ago

although i will be getting dis for 360 and 3DS, i think konami did a lazy job on the HD side of it. they just raised the resolution theres no graphical changes. i wanted some changes with the higher res. and the naked sample looked better than the trailer they showed the other day. lets hope that the gameplay is excellent

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LOGICWINS2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

"Has the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection killed off any reason to get MGS3D?"

Thats like saying having a 360 or PS3 kills off any reason to own a 3DS.

Brian52472755d ago

Umm...right now, there is no reason to get a 3DS lol.

zu4G2754d ago

yeah.. mgs collection killed mgs3d

Chinner2755d ago

It depends. If you want to play MGS3 anywhere then you probably still want to get this!

Originally MGS3D was sold to us as a remake, and the early footage looked great. Now that we have new footage it's just a PS2 port with 3D and I think I'd rather buy the collection and get it in HD with two other great games!

jony_dols2755d ago

Well if you have good laptop,
you can play MGS2 & MGS3 at 60fps & in HD using PCSX2.....

You Noob2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

yeah, because you can put the laptop in a pocket.

anyway... 3ds do a fake 3d, no pop out effect. it's just inside the screen.. so.. YES

limewax2754d ago

That would take more than just a good laptop, Now don't get me wrong, I know good PC specs are easy to achieve these days. But sometimes people over play it. That sort of laptop is going to cost a substantial amount more than either a PS3, 360 or 3DS. Laptops these days will easily run current games well, But emulation isn't so straightforward, And I very much doubt my laptop could do 60FPS 1080p ps2 emulation without days wasted tweaking, Even though it runs current games pretty well

jony_dols2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

My M11x Notebook runs it perfectly on its 11.6 inch screen.

Whenever I'm on the bus or the train I can whip it out and hey presto The Witcher 2 & MGS3 on the go! And then I can plug into most TVs with its HDMI out, and hook up my 360 controller....

There is not many scenarios in which the 3DS is more portable (or anywhere as near as powerful)

Trevonn2754d ago

@jony_dols you just proved @limewax's point a M11x is £600 a ps3 £250 360 £200 see the difference

jony_dols2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )


Price is only relative to the use that you derive out of it.

If I spent a 100k on 5 bed mansion in the upper east side NY, would you consider that a bad investment, just because of the price tag?

My laptop caters for my Uni subjects, my work assignments, internet, watching films, my high end gaming needs and many more uses. Hell I even hook it up to my TV and use it watch my fav shows in 1080p. And it is small enough to comfortably use on public transport.

Gaming only takes up around 1/5th of my M11x usage time. If that's the case then my gaming needs are satisfied, cheaper than any other alternative on the market, and I have access to hundreds of games which are just one click away on Steam.

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miyamoto2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

"Has the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection killed off any reason to get MGS3D?"

Thats like saying having a 360 or PS3 kills off any reason to own a 3DS.

..... and the NGP for that matter?

Since the NGP will also have these games in 720p with Tranfarring features .... but the NGP has no HD video output option to see the game in wide screen glory?

With due respect to the NGP's 5" OLED screen which I believe will do the NGP HD graphics justice outside my house....

Unless Sony (cashes in) or any 3rd party accessories developer makes a way to let us gamers output the HD video via headphone jack?

I sure hope they do!!!!! and its NGP day one for me.

There goes Nintendo's aspirations of stealing the hardcore market from PSP/NGP.

To be fair, MGS titles were never meant for kids ... Wii 2 version perhaps?

zero_gamer2754d ago

Well obviously I need to grow up some more because I am a grown man with a launch 3DS.

Actually no, this post is just pure fanboyism and flamebait in the name of NGP.

Vherostar2754d ago

Indeed the NGP kills off the need for the 3DS especially if you have a DS or DSi already..

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GunofthePatriots2755d ago

It might. 3D in general does little for gaming. I don't see it changing the experience of MGS3. Plus it's on a handheld.

I'd rather it get it for the PS3 and play it on a big HDTV with trophy support and 2 analog sticks.

I was going to get this game for the 3ds but now i'm not sure.

Chocoboh2754d ago

What do you even have a 3DS for? :/ Should of waited for a price drop and some games yo

Optical_Matrix2755d ago

I was thinking the same yesterday. No doubt I'll pick up this collection. Trophies, PSN Connectivity, HD Graphics...And you get 3 games (All of which I own already admittedly but still)...I cancelled my pre-order for MGS3D last night after the announcement because I quite honestly don't see the point in buying it when I can play it on my PS3 with Trophies, HD Graphics and a stable 60fps frame rate. But who knows. For those who have a 3DS, but not a PS3 or 360, this is good news. For people who own a PS3/360 and 3DS like myself, the choice is obvious imo.

Dragun6192755d ago

I thought it was weird that 3D wasn't being added to the HD Collection, but it's probably so Konami can push MGS3D on the 3DS. Can someone on twitter ask Kojima what the differences will be between the 3DS version and the HD ver. bedsides 3D?

That and I'm guessing both ZoE & MGS Collection will be playable on NGP too considering the Transfarring logo on both. So MGS3D is gonna need some extra content besides 3D.

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