White Knight Chronicles: Origins - New Screenshots

A ton of awesome new screenshots have been released today for White Knight Chronicles: Origins.

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banjadude2751d ago

Isn't this for the PSP?

liban-ali2751d ago

On the Sony press site, its listed under PS3. I'm actually confused about that too.

banjadude2751d ago

I just hope they don't plan on abandoning this title for Sony's portables.

If it doesn't make it to the PSP, hopefully for the NGP AT LEAST!

nikrel2751d ago

Think so, would be nice if it was upgraded to the vita platform. Well vita is backwards compatible but it could use some upgrades in the visual department. I am looking forward to the first and second WKC Coming out this year for the ps3 on the same disc

banjadude2751d ago

Such an awesome deal (both of them on one disc)!