Microsoft releases impressive stats before E3

Weeks before E3, Microsoft shows its current domination over its competitor PS3, and even the Wii. With its launch of the successful Kinect and games, the Xbox 360 easily has the best growth by a large margin. Check out all the stats after the break!!

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EasilyTheBest2749d ago

Good numbers and a good graph.

Nintendo must be worried looking at that.

If Microsoft can bring out some good new casual games and a few hardcore controller and Kinect titles they should have a great christmas.

Its all about creating a buzz about your product and thats exactly what Kinect has right now.

a_squirrel2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Personally, I'm not too convinced myself.

Btw, it's USA stats.

thereapersson2749d ago

I'm actually more excited to see what MS has to offer at this year's E3 than Sony, even though Sony is the primary focus for me. All the waiting and anticipating to see what potential they have for Kinect and the 360's game lineup; it's quite high. I'm quite curious as to what exclusives they'll announce this year.

JhawkFootball062749d ago

Why cant you give credit where credit is due. So what if its only USA only. Still very impressive.

On a side note, I'd be worried for Nintendo, The Wii is on a huge decline. Im expecting the next gen Wii to come out sooner than expected.

Biggest2749d ago

You mean like, now? The new Nintendo console is going to be announced at E3 and will probably release by the end of the year. They are a few steps ahead of your worry.

darthv722749d ago

ms's focus on gaming first when the system released is the driving force behind its popularity. The addition of pc connectivity and media features as an after thought only added to the perceived value of the system.

Where sony stumbled a bit was in thinking the brand recognition and power of the name would drive the sales of the ps3 when its games were of no better/worse quality of its closest competitor.

Relying on the bluray to be some sort of trojan horse like dvd was with the ps2 did not work in their favor. At the level sony execs expected. Even if you are a sony only gamer you have to give credit to MS and their determination to be a real player this gen.

It seems to try and bring out the best in all platforms.

gamingdroid2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I doubt Nintendo is worried as you can already see where this is heading. Nintendo are already planning their next release, and the next generation they got the upper hand technology wise for a while.

If anything, Sony is being squeezed. Sony has a lot of good exclusive quality games, but both the hardcore and high-end market is saturated. Nintendo will have the most powerful console soon while Sony aren't really hitting the casual market.

Xbox 360 has a lot of legroom for price drop, in good position with strong growth and Kinect is pushing Xbox 360 consoles.

Undoubtedly current PS3 owners will be happy with upcoming releases and arguably that is all that matters.

We will have to wait and see what MS does in that regards, but Gears of War 3 is coming out soon which keeps me happy.

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Lyr1c2749d ago

To my knowledge, this site is called "News 4 Gamers", not "News for Stockholders".

Why must sales be constantly spewed, as if they make a difference quality wise?

Good for Microsoft, but it doesn't make a difference to any true "gamers".

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EagleBurn2749d ago

Well with the Kinect selling faster than what the Wii did, which is saying A LOT, it really isn't that surprising

Biggest2749d ago

No it isn't saying a lot. The Wii is a console. The Kinect is a camera. The 360 isn't selling faster than the Wii did. The camera is being bought by the people that had a 360 at a fast rate.

gamingdroid2749d ago

Yes, but at almost the same price as the Wii itself!

Not to mention, the increase in Xbox 360 sales. Remember Xbox 360 + Kinect is almost twice as expensive as a Wii.

k-dillinger2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

@EagleBurn well when you put over half a billion into marketing on something of course ppl where going to buy it ninty didnt have to do that nor sony so nooooo xbox doesn't get any cool points thats bought success my friend....

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OllieBoy2749d ago

Not one single exclusive released for the 360 this year so far. Glad they can appease their fanbase with sales numbers, though.

It's amazing how much of a free pass M$ gets.

guigsy2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Just shows that the mass market doesn't care about exclusives. As long as the software is there you're good to go.

Kon2749d ago

best answer here so far.

death2smoochie2749d ago

Its multi-platform games that sell...and considering 85% of the games released in a calender year are multi-platform, its no surprise that exclusives fall behind in that area.
Its a numbers game.

SuperLupe2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Prior to this gen:

Sony = 240 million consoles sold, ten years experience, Playstation synonymous with gaming

MS = 25 million consoles sold.

And with no exclusives whatsoever this year so far MS are STILL leading Sony five years later.

Sony better do some serious thinking about how the heck they're still last before launching the PS4.

DrillaKid2749d ago

Experience doesnt count for much in the world of tech; it's dominated the feelings of consumers at a point in time; look at Nokia - their days are numbered but 10 years ago they controlled the mobile market.

Likewise Sony and MS are considered "has beens" in corporate terms - both their share prices have been declining; when you think of tech now Google, Apple and Facebook spring to mind.

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kneon2749d ago

One little thing they missed out from their graph is that despite a 29% increase they are still being outsold by the PS3 world wide. They gave it a shot with Kinect and even though it sold amazing it wasn't enough to stop their lead eroding.

Pyscho_Mantis2749d ago

sony till has a larger market share forget the psp, the ps3, ps2 which still all sell. The profits of Playstation have been much larger than the Xbox division for some time due to Sony having multiple consoles.

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lugia 40002749d ago

Yea people gotta make up some stuff just to screw with Microsoft.

EagleBurn2749d ago

Show credit to where its due. The US is a large chunk of the gaming industry and it's still really impressive.

Max_Dissatisfaction2749d ago

You care enough about sales to already have 2 comments in here.
I gotta admit, Microsoft know how to market themselves right. No retail exclusives, couple of awesome exclusive XBLA games and they manage to have the BEST YEAR in xbox history so their 6th year!
Imagine how well they'll do next half WITH exclusive games.
To all the people saying USA only, may I ask you what the biggest gaming market is?
May I ask you what region sells more games than ALL of Europe, Australia AND Africa COMBINED??! It's all good to be well rounded and international but what good does your well roundedness help you when your game sales are the lowest in total?
Do you guys know that when the ps3 launched there were only 18 million 360 games purchased? Do you know that the difference has now grown to over 90 million?
Do you know that when Microsoft launched 360 one of their objectives was to beat SONY in North America? Well they have done just that and judging by software sales we all know why they wanted to.
Win North America, win the world, just ask Nintendo.

aia122749d ago

if it was ps3 that had sold thatmuch and was ahead of 360 you'd care about sales lol

death2smoochie2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

So true its only the USA... Unfortunately for Sony, the USA makes up the bulk of consumer hardware/software sales for console gaming.
So until Sony can overtake MS in the USA on a consistent basis here on out, the PS3 will never pass the Xbox360 overall in sales.
This is of course if you care about sales LOL

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Pyscho_Mantis2749d ago

WRONG you forget about Japan Sony's trump card. The ps3 consistently outsells the 360 ten times as much each week and the gap difference makes up for the majority of the gap difference in the US. The rest is accounted by playstations majority in Europe.

death2smoochie2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )


Japan is no longer the trump card. It was once the largest gaming demographics in the world. That is no longer the case. Japan numbers are almost always offset by North American numbers so nothing changes.

The reality is still consistent:

Sony needs to secure the USA over MS in order to outsell them OVERALL.
Without the USA, Sony will not succeed this generation in beating the Xbox360 in overall sales...With or without Japans sales.
Numbers do not lie.


Sony released its overall sales numbers and its very much different from your source you quoted.
So unless you do not trust Sony's OWN financials over a website such as Wikipedia, then by all means do not go to the source and trust a second hand source for your information :P

Redgehammer2749d ago

55 million is for the world, and the PS3 is at 50.6 for the world.

Clarence2748d ago

Sony has more than 50m console sold.

The PS3 was at 50m in march it's now June and the PS3 has been outselling the 360 worldwide for the last 3yrs. Not only that but the PS3 has outsold the 360 worldwide in since the start of 2011.

This article is somewhat misleading, because it talks about how well the 360 in all the countries, when in fact they have lost the lead over the PS3 in Europe. Despite the 1yr and half headstart. The 360 sales in Japan are horrible.

For past 3yrs the PS3 has outsold the 360. Last year the PS3 outsold the 360 by 2.3m despite halo and kinect.

Redgehammer2748d ago

I am just giving you the numbers Sony released a few weeks ago. However, if you want to trust Wikipedia over Sony that is your choice.

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nightmarex1212749d ago

yeah if they can bring the momentum imagine during the holiday season it be an explosion lold.

Brian52472749d ago

No one gives a shit about stats, they care about GAMES. Of which MS has a scant few.

manumit2749d ago

Oh someone had to start, how many times does an article come thorugh on N4G with stats compard to "GAMES". Embrace it man!

BlackTar1872749d ago

embrace what the fact that your celebrating sales figures instead of new game announcements..

Im American and i don;t get the appeal of sales figures over all. its like hey we don' have many games coming out that defines our system of choice but we keep selling more WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

darthv722749d ago has plenty of games. What you may be eluding to are "exclusives" which this gen has proven are not the big selling point.

Games are games if they are from 1st, 2nd or 3rd parties. If you offer a diverse selection of titles to your customers, they respond. No different than with the ps2 and its vast library of games for everyone. You cant only cater to one demographic anymore.

Rattlehead202749d ago

Well Microsoft care more about sales stats than games..

Thats where their money comes from.

-Alpha2749d ago


Pull out the articles on PS3 closing in on 360 sales and see how many people on here care about sales.

It's a factor in console wars and people love to brag about it when its on their side and act as if it doesn't matter when it works against them