Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- new screenshots

Bethesda's released some new screenshots and a wallpaper from Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

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Rikan2698d ago

MMMM. This game is just going to be epic. I'd go to E3 JUST to see this game and then leave lol

bigrob9042698d ago

i know i want to see this game so bad. i have been waiting for some new gameplay footage forever. i wanna see the new character creation, and a fight with a dragon. i need this badly.

limewax2698d ago

I know this must sound so typical but I just want some console footage, I would love to max it on pc. But I just cant afford to. I'm really interested to see the draw distance for objects and grass on consoles as I felt oblivion needed that little bit more in both these aspects.

lastdual2698d ago

Good news: First gameplay footage will be shown on Monday at 2:00 PM EST. Todd will be demoing the game for GameTrailers.

So you won't have to wait long!

bigrob9042698d ago

who you tellin? i was like i want to ride a mammoth. i want to kill them too. this game will have it all. this game is gonna suck all my time.

Bigpappy2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

I wonder how much you get for the tusks. Thats is what is so great about gaming. I would never do something like this in real life. But in a game, there is not much I would not do to level up. They are still a few thing I would not even do in a game: like Killing kids; Kill my sister (Fable); gay relationship (Dragon Age). Not saying other should not do these things in a game. It just does not work for me. I am weird like that.

AwkwardPenguin2698d ago

lol why'd you have to put "gay relationship" in the same catergory as "sister killing" and "kid killing" .... :(

Bigpappy2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

No I am not saying they are equal. There is no underlying inference or statement I am try camouflage. These are just things that I remember being presented with in games that I refused to venture into. There could be more things that I refuse to do in games, but those are the ones that I recall easily. I do not mine people having sex with people like them, but that is between them. I don't go around trying everything. Like I have never tried pot or any other substance to get me high or enhance my abilities to do any thing. Now if I couldn't get it up, I would try viagra, but I would not just use it because others are. When I said I was weird, I ment it. But that is who I am and I one happy and contented dude, who walks and talks and does exactly what he thinks he should do. I don't mind pleasing other, as long as I don't have to displease myself. They are some gray areas of course, but once I decide that is always the right decision.

Jacks_Medulla2698d ago

First, I can't wait any longer for this game. Second, I am going to kill so many mammoths.

mttrackmaster382698d ago

I look forward to killing many mammoths...

IAML36I0N2698d ago

I'm so gonna buy some armor for my Woolly Mammoth.

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