PlayStation Store Update 6/3/11

Posted by Grace Chen: Here is the weekly PlayStation Store update.

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Emilio_Estevez2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Keep the content flowing. Wonder if more stuff comes out tomorrw.

LOGICWINS2634d ago

There selling Tekken 1 for $6? Seriously?

SpaceSquirrel2634d ago

That's the standard price for ps1 classics

LOGICWINS2634d ago

^^Really? I wasn't aware of that. Pretty stupid IMO considering I can get the same games used at Gamestop for $1-$3.

callahan092634d ago

@Logicwins: Gamestop doesn't sell PSone games at all anymore...

LOGICWINS2634d ago

^^Mine does. I was there 3 days ago and I saw used copies of Crash Bandicoot and RE3 in a huge bin along with other PS1 games and Dreamcast titles.

Tuxedo_Mask2634d ago

I wish they still sold PS1 games at the Gamestops near me. They're phasing out the PS2 games now to make room so most of them don't even have cases or instruction books anymore, they threw them out and put the discs in cheap paper sleeves. I have to go to Mom & Pop stores if I want to buy "old" games.

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sickbird2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Error - 80710D36 wtf?!?!

alien6262634d ago

yea the store is getting a lot of traffic because the welcome back program when live today so everyone trying to get their free games

Son_Lee2634d ago

With how flooded the store is, they're gonna need a Noah's Ark to survive. Quick everyone! Grab 2 of your favorite games NOW!

Ser2634d ago

Quick, Demon's Souls and BioShock, hide yourselves in my arms!!1!111

Son_Lee2634d ago

Personally, I could live off FF7 and MGS2. :))

NLGSean2634d ago

I will get on after midnight... too many people on now... store keeps crashing...

jwk942634d ago

I really want them to release the Outlands update, I need that game!

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