Uncredited L.A. Noire devs speak out

Destructiod writes: "Former members of the Team Bondi development team are claiming that the game's credits are missing well over 100 names. Some, the group alleges, are given a "Special Thanks" in cases where they should have been eligible for a specific credit."

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a_bro2548d ago

well thats messed up.

Masta_Killa2548d ago

If they did that to me, Team Bondi's studio would be a crime scene.

SilentNegotiator2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

LOL, then it would be featured 60 years from now in "Australia Noire"

It's never fair when this happens.
Don't be petty about credits; feature everyone involved.

omi25p2548d ago

Id be anouyed to if i spent all that time working superhard on something then everyone but me gets the credit

Ser2548d ago

That's despicable. I really hope whoever was in charge of crediting does something about this.

NateCole2548d ago

Just like Rockstar. They are brilliant devs but they can also be very childish and petty. Must be rubbing off Team Bondi their rockstar attitude. Amazing game though. Its more of an action HR to me.

marioPSUC2548d ago

Its not just Rockstar games though, like the article said this sadly happens with a lot of games.

fourthpersonview2548d ago

Does anyone even watch the credit scene?

dan_chan892548d ago

I don't but they still deserve credit.

BlmThug2546d ago

I Agree. They Worked There Asses Of For You To Enjoy A Great Game.