Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 gets new art,screens and official trailer

Tecmo Koei has released some new media assets for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

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agentxk2751d ago

these games get a bad rap, I enjoy them though!

Ser2751d ago

Deathscythe? Day one.

Deadman_Senji2751d ago

3rd try's the charm or however it goes. Honestly, Koei seems to be getting "back on track" with DW7 actually being good. This looks like an improvement over the first DWG games.


slavish32751d ago

looks like dwg2 or dwg1... oh they all are they same :p

Tuxedo_Mask2751d ago

I like the new cel-shading style they've implemented, it makes it seem more like an actual Gundam game somehow.