Why Would Nintendo Want to Support the Hardcore?

TheStonedSheep - With the impending announcement of Nintendo’s next console, currently codenamed Project Cafe, the gaming press has turned to the oceans of speculations and rumour surrounding the console and have, in general, come to the following conclusion: Nintendo’s next console will once again cater to hardcore gamers. But I think that this hypothesis is incorrect, why? Well I’ll tell you . . .

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Fir3truck2727d ago

God I hope you're right Sheep.

PureDarkness2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I don't, I really hope they DO go for the hardcore, if they go for the casual again then they will lose all of my respect

TheStonedSheep2727d ago

I hope that I'm wrong as well, but if Nintendo is run by sane people, it'll be casual games all the way.

AEtherbane2727d ago

Nintendo will, you know why?

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$

lil boy blue2727d ago

You guys are ignorant. What are the top selling games. Causual games that are excessable to a mass audience. Causal vs. hardcore is stupid fanboy garbage.

TheStonedSheep2727d ago

Exactly my point, casual games are high in demand so Nintendo will supply another casual console for said casual games.

PureDarkness2727d ago

If you'd actually read his article, that was his point.

Beast_Master2727d ago

Exactly what I have been saying for months. Why is everyone so interested in Nintendo catering to the hardcore? They tried it with the Gamecube and it didn't work. Nintendo as a brand is forever synomiss with casual, they have no IP that is rated M (IF SOMEONE says eternal Darkness I will punch you in the candy).
Why can't nintendo just continue making games for kids and us "hardcore guys" just buy adult systems. Some people just can't let go I guess.

jacksonmichael2727d ago

What does the ESRB rating have to do with anything?

Beast_Master2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Most Hardcore games are rated M. Zelda is not hardcore no matter what anyone says.

heyfling2727d ago

How do M ratings translate to a hardcore game. I consider myself a hardcore gamer but I still like playing games without a M rating. I can name several games that have been rated E or T that are still considered hardcore games. For instance the KotOR series, StarCraft series and Warcraft series are all rated T and they all appeal to hardcore gamers. Super Smash Bros. series appeals to everyone but it has a huge following of hardcore gamers, so I would consider it to be a hardcore series. Last Story which has only been released in Japan is a hardcore game that was published by Nintendo and it would probably get a T rating if it was released in North America. Also, you say Zelda games are not hardcore, yet most people who have played Twilight Princess would probably consider themselves a hardcore gamer, which would make it a hardcore game.

AWBrawler2727d ago

Does that baby want ice cream now? Yes he does, cause he's a big boy! LOL

Honestly what about M rating gaurantees Hardcore or even maturity for that matter. I can gaurantee you that Fire Emblem (usually rated E or E10) is waaaay more mature than Leisure Suit Larry (M rated).

Hardcore doesn't mean only M rated. I dare you to tell me that old 2D castlevania isn't hardcore, that metroid isn't hardcore, that advance wars isn't hardcore, that monster hunter isn't hardcore, that Donkey Kong Country Returns isn't hardcore, that Zelda isn't hardcore, that Muramasa, Tales of Symphonia, 007, smash bros, battalion wars, phantom brave, and the like aren't hardcore.

If you need an M rating just to enjoy a game, or if you need a game at all to feel like an adult, you game for the wrong reason. Gaming was always meant as a form of entertainment, or a toy if you will.

So Mr.Adult Grown Ass Man, next time you turn on your game look in to Mirror and see just how Grown up you look playing and video game cursing at the screen in anger when you lose, then youtube any random video of a child playing COD! I bet it's very similar.

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theonlylolking2727d ago

The hardcore market is a far more dedicated market. Hardcore gamers will probably stay gaming and buy games more often than the casuals.

jacksonmichael2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

That is true, however, a lot of people claim to have been forever turned off of Nintendo. Rock and a hard place.

Edit: The Stoned Sheep!? That's an awesome name!

TheStonedSheep2727d ago

Thanks for agreeing, and the complement!

AWBrawler2727d ago

not true my girlfriend is casual, but she buys games way more often than most hardcore gamers, becuse they are cheap $10 games and when she see one she wants she just gets it without having to read a review first or debating is it worth it.
casuals do that. Just look at Just Dance sales, Wii play sales, and Wii fit sales.

TheStonedSheep2726d ago

Anecdotal evidence; just because your girlfriend is casual and buys lots of gamers does not mean every other casual gamer does the same.

Valk2726d ago

Software sales speak for themselves kid, How many console exclusives are pushing 20 million in sales for hardcore titles?..

Wii has an attach rate higher than PS3.

If you want to talk about a subject, use facts, not BS propaganda posted by hater sites trying to prove a point.

AWBrawler2726d ago

Donkey Kong is Hardocre and So is New Mario Bros and So is Smash Bros. look at those sales. what's your point again???

live2play2727d ago

nintendo goes for THEIR HARDCORE BASE
you know like me who is right there day 1 do buy the next mario kart, smash bros, super mario, new metroid, zelda, kirby etc
i'll be there day 1 with super mario 3D, mario kart 3D, paper mario 3D and i will be a happy gamer xD

maxcavsm2727d ago

But the money doesn't lie in the hardcore, it lies in the countless soccer moms and old folks homes. The hardcore is a small, limited number of people that is very finnicky, knows bullshit when they smell it, and are unlikely to buy anything with the word "Party" at the end of the title.

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